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October 26, 2020 3 min read

How to Find the Right Hat For Your Face Shape 

Shopping for a hat is like shopping for jeans, although 2 pairs of jeans can be the same size they don't necessarily fit the same. Hats can look and feel different depending on your face shape. When we are adding accessories the goal is to highlight our unique features + enhance our looks. It's important to go for a hat that makes you feel like a queen and brings out your confidence!

Your face shape


gigi pip face shape guide

To find the best hat for you, you must determine your face shape. You can have an oval, square, round, heart or triangle face. Examine your face in a mirror and you will be able to determine what face shape you have. 


gigi pip face shape oval

Hat: Miller Fedora Brown

An oval face is easy to identify because your forehead will be slightly bigger than your jawline and your jaw will be rounder. The best hats for this type of face are Fedoras, Boaters, Newsboy + fishermen caps 



gigi pip face shape square

Hat: Annabella Floppy Hat

A square face is easy to distinguish because of how symmetrical it looks. You can tell if your face is square if the length is almost the same size as the width of your face. Also, the distance from your forehead to your chin and cheeks are all. The best hats for this type of face are; Floppy hats, Wide brim hats + Fedoras


gigi pip face shape round

Hat: Scottie Wide Brim Fedora

A round face will be the same width and length. People with round faces will have a round chin and full cheeks. The best hats for this type of face are Baseball caps, wide brim fedoras + boaters


gigi pip face shape heart

Hat: Fisherman Cap

This face shape is one of the most common. You can tell if you have a heart shape face by your chin. Normally, people with a heart shape faces will have a very pointy chin. If you have this face shape you'll have a broad forehead and wide cheekbones. The best hats for this type of face are short brim fedoras, boatersberets + beanies



Hat: WES Brown

Triangular faces are also known as a pear-shaped face, you can tell if your face is triangular if you have a larger chin and slightly smaller cheekbones and a small forehead. The best type of hats for this face shape are stiff brim hats, baseball caps + fedoras.

Your height 

Your body type and head size should also be taken into account when deciding which hat will look best on you. When someone has larger features,  we recommend they aim for a medium crown and larger brim this will make your hat look more proportional + flattering on your head. 

On the other hand if you have a smaller head + are petite you can benefit from a tall crown, this will elongate your body and make you seem taller. Additionally, curled up short brims like the Ginger will be a great option for you!

Your Hat

These tips are simply guidelines for what might work best on you, but don't be afraid to make it your own look. We truly believe that the best hat is the one that makes you feel comfortable and most importantly confident. We highly encourage you to try different colors, materials, fit + add fun bands to your hat! Wearing a hat is about embracing your confidence and enhancing your outfits! 


For styling tips + advise check out our FB group THE HATS WE WEAR