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June 04, 2024 5 min read

When it comes to selecting the best hat for your face shape we recommend a step by step approach. 

 1. Identify your face shape. 
 2. Discover features of hats that complement your facial structure. 
 3. Make specific selections that also account for your personal style. 

It can sound intimidating at first, but rest assured we're here to delve into each of the steps + to ultimately guide you to your new favorite hat!

Also, now's a good time to mention if you are looking for ultra personal suggestions our stylists are happy to help make recommendations. Chat with us by texting: +1-801-203-0903 or emailing us at hello@gigipip.com. 

Before we get started, know that while we do think there are some structural elements that will help elevate your favorite features-- we are also champions of the 'Wear What Makes YOU Feel Best" philosophy. So feel free to take our recommendations or disregard entirely, we'll be cheering for you along your hat journey either way! 


Step One: Identify Your Face Shape 


First, let's figure out your face shape! Here are the most common types:
  • Oval Face: Your face length is longer than the width of your cheekbones, and your jaw is slightly narrower than your forehead.
  • Round Face: Your face is as wide as it is long with prominent, rounded cheeks.
  • Square Face: Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are about the same width, with a strong, angular jaw.
  • Heart Face: You have a wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin.
  • Long Face: Your face is noticeably longer than it is wide, with a similar width across the forehead, jawline, and cheeks.



For Oval Faces

Good news ahead for our oval faced friends! We find that this is one of the most versatile face shapes. To balance the face length we recommend selecting fedoras with a medium to short height. The angles of the pinched crown in a fedora will also bring a more dynamic look to the table to compliment your rounder features. For you we recommend shopping in our best sellers section

Specific Recommendations Include: 

  • Gigi Pip's Monroe Rancher: The Monroe is one of our most versatile hats + a perfect match for an oval face shape. This stylish, broad-brimmed hat is fantastic for oval faces. Its wide brim balances the face's length, enhancing your natural symmetry.
  • Gigi Pip's Luca FedoraWith a great ratio of brim length + crown height the Luca will stun on an oval face shape! Bonus, it comes with an attached band that adds just the right touch. 

For Round Faces

A tall crown never met a round face it didn't flatter! In addition to high crowns we recommend looking for brims that are flat, or even curved upward to give more lateral dimension to round faces. You'll find these styles everywhere on our website, though they do abound in our western collection

Specific Recommendations Include:
  • Gigi Pip's Miller: Aside from our western collection The Miller Fedora is a favorite of our friends with round faces. With its angular design and high crown, it helps elongate round faces.
  • Gigi Pip Trucker Hats: For a more casual look we find round faces oh so flattered in our trucker hats. With the cap extended with a subtle peak you'll find more angles in a trucker hat than a traditional ball cap. 

For Square Faces

Square faces are naturally blessed with facial structures that feature sharp angles. To find a hat that enhances balance we recommend looking for soft features like telescope crowns and medium to long brims. You can find Gigi Pip favorites with wider brims here


Specific Recommendations Include:

  • Gigi Pip's Dakota Triangle Crown: This hat does come to a point like a traditional fedora, though it does not have a pinch meaning the features are softer + perfect to bring some rounded elements to a square face. 
  • Gigi Pip Bucket Hats: Bucket hats are built on soft angles + will be a perfect match for square faces. 


For Heart Faces

Heart Shaped faces are another shape that we would consider among the most versatile. Options are really wide open here. That being said we love the look of a brim that has some angular structure on a heart shaped face. This means a classic ball cap is a great option for you! Find our favorite ball caps here


Specific Recommendations Include:

  • Gigi Pip's Zephyr: This hat has an upturned brim that will produce a lifted look on heart face shapes. Good news, you've got lots of colors to choose from in this style! 

  • Gigi Pip's Emma Fedora: As suggested this hat features a brim that has dynamic shape. With a slight slope to the brim the Emma is sure to bring balance to a heart shaped face. 


For Long Faces

Short-Medium height crowns are ideal for long faces. Pair a moderate crown with a larger brim to bring ultimate balance to your look. We particularly love what pencil brim hats can do for a long face. 


          Specific Recommendations Include:
  • Gigi Pip's Penny: The wide brim of the Penny with the pencil roll element helps extend the width of a narrow facial structure. 

  • Gigi Pip's Ezra: For a dash-of-western option be sure to check out our bestselling Ezra. With a tall crown + slightly upturned brim the Ezra will certainly highlight all of the best features of a long face! 


Step Three: Consider Your Personal Style 

Ultimately, you are going to feel best in what you love the most-- so always, always choose that! Here's a few of our favorite tips to ensure that you're new hat will fit seamlessly in your existing wardrobe! 

  • Consider Color Palettes: Is your wardrobe built on neutrals? Opt for something that will blend well like a cream, brown, or black. Do you aim to be the most colorful person in the room? View our most colorful options here

  • Explore Maximalism vs. Minimalism: If a hat on its own is everything you need, we love that for you! If you need just a little something explore our band collection here. If you're looking for a lot of everything then let us recommend layering bands, feathers, + perhaps even a hat pin! 

  • Determine How You'll Wear Your Hat Most: While most hats are good to wear most anywhere, if you find you'll wear your hat in specific settings some options will perform a bit better than others. For example if you're looking for the additional element of sun protection a wide brim is for you! If you want to protect your hair consider our felt options that have a satin lining! If you'll be going on the ultimate adventures in your hat look for an option with a chin strap! 

  • Establish Your Hat Size: Nothing makes it harder to get the most out of your hat like a wrong size! There's lots to communicate in sizing, so find all of our best tips here! The highlights are that nearly all of our hats have an adjustable inner band + the most common size is a 57 cm. 

In Case You Forgot-

Let us just remind you one more time! Wear what you love! While it's great to know what styles might fit your face best, the most important thing is how you feel wearing it. If you love a hat that doesn’t "theoretically" fit your face shape, wear it with pride! Confidence is your best accessory.

Remember these tips, try on different styles, and have fun choosing a hat that not only flatters your face but also makes you feel fabulous. Happy hat hunting! xx
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