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April 10, 2024 5 min read

Festival Fashion Trends 2024

Looking for the hottest trends in festival fashion this year? We've got you covered! From achievable outfit inspo to optimal sun protection, we’ve cracked the code on all things Festival fashion. No matter your vibe, we’ve curated a list of the best accessories to elevate your look, keep you protected from sunup to sun down + traveling effortlessly for a full day of enjoyment. Trust us – quality accessories that you can use from festivals to the streets are in. Check out these trending accessories, music festival outfit inspo + get inspired, babe!


3 photos of women wearing brimmed hats



A vibe that can range from a neutral color palette on crazy patterns to wild hues shining off of a holographic maxi dress. The trick to pulling the look together is with layers + accessories! Start by finding your favorite base outfit: vintage-inspired flair jeans + a mesh top. Then, layer some personality with a velvet vest + stacked bracelets. Now for the most important part of your look - your hat! We suggest a wide brim straw or felt fedora when going for a Bohemian + retro festival vibe. 

The Penny Pencil Brim is a wide pencil brim straw fedora that is made to be the perfect base to any outfit from the city to music festivals in the fields. It’s absolutely made for versatility! Pair with crop tops + cutoffs or fringe + tassels – this hat is festival ready + begging to be trimmed in a flower crown, fabric hat bands or leather twine.

The Raine Wide Brim Fedora is three hats in one featuring two removable chain bands + is available in four different colors! The Raine in Honeycomb embodies the wild earth tones of a bohemian color palette. The Dark Oak + Dark Cherry tones pair heavenly with retro velvets + the edgy side of festival looks. 

A wide brim fedora hat naturally fits into the “hippie chic” music festival vibes. We suggest elevating your look with these bestselling fedora hats - Sloan, Dakota, Meg, Willa, or Ezra! Shop all of our wide brim hats from flat to western brims HERE!


sal crochet bucket hat in palm springs
four women wearing trendy bucket hats for music festivals



Going to Coachella? That could mean you’re in for a few days of fun + excitement! An outfit that holds up to the challenge matters most. Think about it - you’ve been planning your trip for months, curating perfect outfits for vibes + photos + the time has finally come. Now you have the time of your life, feeling + looking your best in accessories that you can rely on! A packable bucket hat is a necessity in this scenario – the Sal Crochet Bucket Hat is a longtime bestseller + was recently released in a new, checkered design that stands out in a crowd. The Lana Bucket Hat is a fully pack-friendly straw bucket hat that is sleek + chic, excellent to tie in your streetwear fusion festival vibe. Lace up those combat boots, layer an oversized tie dye shirt atop a mesh long sleeve, put on your Sal, Lana or Rylee Bucket hats + statement sunglasses = you’re festival ready. Prefer a ball cap or trucker hat? Pair trendy foam truckers in vintage colors with your streetwear look or a retro canvas trucker for a more muted color palette.


3 images of women wearing straw hats doing outdoor activities



For the ladies + gents who style themselves with sustainability + ethically sourced fashion in mind, we’ve got you. Festival fashion can be so much more than just a one time wear + is easier to achieve than you think! Investing in quality pieces that are built with a longer lifespan of usability is a great way to be an eco-friendly shopper, + we highly suggest it. At Gigi Pip, we take pride in our commitment to quality built, handcrafted accessories + guarantee a lifetime of use. Many of our straw styles specifically are made from 100% vegan materials + we have a few favorites in mind that pair with conscious festival shopping seamlessly. The Nell, Opal + Willa, for example, are cute straw hats made from the sustainable material of paper straw + offer a luxurious conscious comfort. These hats are elevated, vegan + festival friendly when you want to feel put together + protected from the sun in one. Our Panama Hat Collection features show stopping, weather resistant + handwoven straw styles that were built to live on with your legacy. Style these straw hats with your favorite slow fashion clothing brands + you have yourself an eco-friendly, ethical head-to-toe look that you can proudly take from music festivals to the streets!


4 women shown wearing hats + sunglasses



Embodying the fun, bold + unique nature of a music festival comes with embracing your individuality + showing off your look! A statement accessory is a must + we suggest standing out with a quality hat or new pair of sunglasses. Luckily, hats tend to naturally turn-heads + make a statement. You could simply elevate your look with a neutral wide brimmed felt hat or straw such as the Zephyr Rancher (approachable + trendy) or the Dakota Triangle Crown (bold + classic.) Take your statement to the next level by choosing a patterned brimmed hat such as the Gemma Wide Brim straw featuring a fringed edge or embrace color with the navy Monroe Rancher. Looking to go bigger? The Jae Ultra Wide Brim Boater is a classic statement straw hat that offers optimal sun protection for your face + shoulders. Finish off your statement look with the Stevie Cat Eye Sunglasses or the Britt Shield sunglasses + you’re ready to go! Trust us, there is no better way to make a statement than styling yourself with accessories that’ll also protect you from the sun’s UV rays.


woman wearing opal lifeguard straw hat
woman shown wearing four luxury high quality accessories by the pool 



Music festival season is happening now! If you’re looking for inspo to start building your festival wardrobe or maybe you’re looking to elevate what you have a bit further, a Gigi Pip bestselling hat + pair of sunglasses is a must-have duo that you need to bring along with you. The best part is, you can work your classic new accessories from a Coachella takeover to your everyday staple wardrobe! Simply adding an alternate hat band to your brim can freshen up your look from day to day. The wanderlust vibes of a music festival are contagious + we encourage you to embrace the freedom of expression in your everyday life, just as you will at your next concert. 


3 Coachella music festival outfit examples
3 Coachella music festival outfit examples


Browse a variety of accessories from felt + straw brimmed hats, to hat bands that personalize your brims + emulate your vibe, to trendy foam + canvas truckers + the must-have packable bucket hatswe’ve recently added to our arsenal of accessories. Shop our “Front Row Ready: Festival Fashion Collection” online HERE + see what’s been taking the streets by storm. It’s time to get your looks in order!

You’ve put in so much work to create the perfect festival ready wardrobe + we’re dying to see the results. Share your favorite Gigi Pip accessory + outfit combinations with us on social media by tagging @gigipip + using the hashtag #thehatswewear. 

Psst… Looking for your first hat? We’re here to help you secure the perfect fit. Visit our “Where to Begin Guide” HERE to learn tips on choosing the right hat size + how to match different styles to your face shape.