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January 19, 2022 3 min read

Bucket hats have come a long way from the bumbling beach antics of famous bucket-hat wearing Gilligan or your grandfather’s outdoor attire. From goofy to gorgeous, silly to stylish, not only do bucket hats protect you from the sun, they can add to your look.

What Kind of Hat Is Best for Sun Protection?

When it comes to protecting your skin with a hat, size does matter. For example, Gilligan’s bucket hat in the comedy series Gilligan’s Island protects the top of his head where skin is thin and burns even when covered by hair, but it’s too small to provide shade and protection to his face. Funny, but not functional . . .

When choosing the best hat for sun protection, you want to consider total coverage from the brim, as well as the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of the manufacturer’s fabric. Hats with extra-wide brims are excellent for sun protection on your face and neck, as long as optimal material is used for UPF. This is what makes bucket hats ideal for sun protection.

A correctly-sized Rylee bucket hat is ideal. It has a deeper crown and wider brim than other bucket hats. The adjustable inner band allows you to wear it as high or low on your head as is comfortable and necessary. The adjustable band is also great for windy weather, ocean breezes, and speedboat excursions.

How Much Sun Protection Does a Bucket Hat Provide?

Many assume all hats of any material provide sufficient sun protection for everyone, but this simply is not the case. Once you know your particular hat boasts a strong Ultraviolet Protection Factor, then it is simply a discussion of whether the hat’s brim actually shades your skin. The better the brim design, the more consistent skin coverage.

The sun protection of a bucket hat depends on the type of material used and the quality. For optimal protection, you want to choose a hat that has a UPF of at least 50, like Rylee, which uses a thick 100% cotton for marvelous UPF, and the satin liner ups the sun protection significantly.

Summer Only or Year-Round Essential?

Let’s be honest: some bucket hat designs belong at the beach or pool only and are strictly summertime or warm weather attire. The extraordinary thing about a Gigi Pipi bucket hat is that you can wear it all year long. Not only do Gigi Pipi bucket hats protect you from the sun, but they can also keep rain and snow off your face and neck.

Remember, the sun is still out and can be intense during the winter. Protect your skin and locks by donning your bucket hat year-round.

How Should I Wear My Bucket Hat?

When you wear your bucket hat for sun protection, make sure you have it pulled down as far on your forehead as is comfortable (and stylish). This shades your face and neck as much as possible.

Bold-print dresses are all the rage, and a solid primary color bucket hat is a great topper for this flouncy free-spirit look. Use your hair to frame your face, or pull it back, flip up that brim, and let that smile shine through. Allow your imagination to run wild when you adorn your outfits with a new bucket hat.

Where to Buy a Great Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are trending. Harper’s Bazaar reports that Buckets of all variations are walking down the spring 2022 runways. Fuzzy plush to the bell-shaped cloche buckets, hats are coming back. Blend your beach bum soul with your fashion maven, and get your Rylee bucket hat today.