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June 08, 2022 5 min read

Can I Wear a Hat to a Wedding? 

Here’s What You Should Know

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or guest, wearing a hat with your outfit is a major trend! Whatever the dress code - formal, casual, + everything in between - there’s a hat to match the vibe. Here’s everything you should know about wearing a hat to a wedding. 


Pencil brim felt hat for wedding

How to Wear a Hat to a Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing, which means it's time to double-checkthe dress code on your invitation + put on your best hat for the celebration. 

Daytime, nighttime, outside, casual, or formal - all of these factors should be considered when wearing a hat to a wedding. You want your hat to be appropriate for the occasion + fit for potential weather conditions but also remember the size, color, + style. 

Destination Wedding Hats


Zephyre felt hat with pearl hat band


Go the desert route + have your big day in Sedona, Ca like our friendLauren Farr - a bride-to-be who created our 5th limited edition hat. 

Palm trees, piña coladas, + warm, fine-grain sand between your toes - sounds like a destination wedding! A vacation + a wedding celebration all rolled into one - could there be a better scenario for a beautiful straw hat? 

Wedding Straw Styles


Ozzy lifeguard straw hat with chin strap


  • Have you seen our River Guatemalan Palm hat? It’s a fan favorite because it’s gorgeous, see it for yourself > TheRiver-Oak is boho chic, pair it with bare feet + you’ll be ready to toast to the happy couple. 

  • Beach vibes all the way! Top your look off with The Ozzy-Lifeguard hat - it’s playful, laid back, + it’ll give your ensemble an effortless, natural beauty. 

  • Enjoy the Islands in the classy straw fedora Isla - Brown. This one is easy to dress up for a picnic-style wedding reception by the ocean. Ditch a sunburn in this rich brown hat with its double-strand rope band + brass beads. 

Dressy-Casual Wedding Hats 


Black Monroe woman's fedora with feather

Now you have a dilemma - which one of your felt hats will you choose to wear to a dressy-casual wedding? 

Sophisticated + classy felt hats

  • As timeless as they come, ourbestselling Monroe bridges the gap between dressy + casual. There are so many colors to choose from, so you can seriously wear anything + have a Monroe to match. 

  • Purely sophisticated, ourMaude pencil brim felt hat offers something a little different. It’s a bold design with a unique brim design that’s perfect for special occasions. 

What Colors Should You not Wear to a Wedding?


off white wide brim fedora women's hat


Whatever you do, don’t wear white to a wedding after Labor day…or wait, is that what we’re not supposed to do? Anyway, forget about the Labor Day rule (everybody else has), but definitely stick to the wedding rule - unless it’s your big day, wearing white is a social + fashion faux pas.


Colors to Shy Away From 

  • Sparkling Metallics

Metallics are in right now, but save your sequins dress for another day because the bride will be the only star on her wedding day. 

  • Champagne

Cheers with it, don’t wear it. Champagne is too close to white, so take as many sips as you want, but keep this special dress in your closet for another party. 

  • Neon

Ew, no. Unless it’s a '90s-themed wedding. But even then, it’s pretty questionable…

  • Gold

It’s beautiful, it’s striking, it’s everything only the bride should be on her special day. 


Is it Disrespectful to Wear Black to a Wedding?


Cara Loren heather gray felt hat with black dress


It’s okay to wear black to a wedding as a guest…except when you’re attending a Hindu wedding. Not even the groom wears black at his wedding - black is seen as a color that represents evil + darkness. Imagine bringing that kind of energy to someone’s wedding - it would be the worst! 


“One is never over-dressed or under-dressed ina little black dress.” - Karl Lagerfeld. This is so true! You will always look striking in a LBD + in most cultures, wearing black to a wedding is not out of the ordinary, especially when you’re headed to a wedding with a formal or black tie dress code. 


Maude - Black felt hat on long brown haired woman


Aside from Hindu weddings, wearing black gets the green light. It never hurts to check the dress code or to know what kind of wedding you’re headed to. If it’s a daytime wedding + you’ll be outside, you may not want to attract all that sun in your black attire. 


Who Has to Wear a Hat to a Wedding?

We checked up on this at magpiewedding.com + they say that traditionally the mother of the bridewears a hat to the wedding, particularly if the wedding is a more formal one, or held in a church. 

Take cues from the matriarch at the wedding breakfast. If the mother of the bride takes her hat off at any point during the wedding breakfast, or when she’s seated, remember to follow her lead. At least that’s the traditional thing to do! 

Does the Mother of the Groom Have to Wear a Hat?

At a formal wedding, it’s typical to see the mother of the groom wearing a hat. If this hat exceeds the extravagance of the hat worn by the mother of the bride, this is considered poor etiquette by traditional standards.  

Should I Wear my Hair Up or Down with a Fascinator?


bridal bands on white wool hats


Up, up, + away, or flowing naturally are both great practices for wearing your hair with a fascinator! What’s a fascinator + do women really wear them anymore? 

It’s a high-society headpiece that women wear to weddings + other upscale events – women in the U.K., likeKate Middleton, are all about it! 

Since fascinators are smaller than a traditional hat, how you wear your hair is a big part of styling your overall look. 

Tucked behind your ears, with a tight, neat bun is a sophisticated + refined look to wear as a guest at a dressy wedding. 

Half up, half down is a lovely style because the fascinator takes up such a small amount of space while still making a big statement.  

Why is Wearing a Hat Inside Rude?


Miller brown pinched crown fedora with leather band


Old school etiquette tells us it’s rude to wear a hat inside - but society has been challenging that for a while now. We still take our hats off at the dinner table, + maybe in church, but hat etiquette has changed a lot over time. Let’s revisit the reasons why wearing a hat inside is considered rude. 

Back in the day, hats were mostly worn for practical purposes or workwear. It made sense to cover your head in the rainy season, to avoid sunburn in midsummer, + for protection against floating debris in the factory during a long workday. 

Taking a dirty, sweaty, wet hat off inside is common sense + shows a person to be well-mannered. Nobody wants to be that girl who leaves a trail of gross stuff all through the house!

How Much Money do I Put into a Wedding Card?

Instant pots are great + all, but let’s face it, everybody loves getting money as a gift. How much money you give is up to you + your budget. Typically, people will give the newlyweds $75 - $200. It’s a great gift for a couple to spend on their honeymoon!  


Dusty pink Cara pencil brim fedora with pink dress

So many women are welcoming hats as an accessory wherever they go. We know there are traditions to uphold, but as long as you respect the culture + dress code of the wedding you’re headed to, you can (+ should) wear a hat to a wedding.