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May 11, 2022 4 min read

10 Best Packable Wide Brim Hat Styles

Big beautiful brims – we’re all about ‘em around here, mostly for their style, but also for their incredible ability to protect you from getting too much sun.Packable wide brim hats give you the utmost confidence - trust us, when you put one on you’ll be getting a healthy dose of compliments! 


feminine linen bucket hat women's


What is a Packable Wide Brim Hat? 

Packable hats with a big brim are the easiest kind of hats to take with you anywhere because you can fold them, roll them, + fit them into any small space without having to worry about compromising the integrity of the hat’s form. This is the hat you want on all your adventures because as soon as you take it out of your bag, it’ll bounce back into its original shape. 


wide brim packable straw hat


Best Packable Sun Hat

Honestly, we have an outstanding lineup of packable sun hats + it’s impossible to decide on which one is the best because we love them all so much. Maybe you can pick the best one when you see all your options. 

Going away for the weekend + don’t know which bucket hat to pack? We wouldn’t blame you for packing them all. Don’t worry, they don’t take up much space, especially when you havea chic hat carrying tote. This is our new obsession because you can fit your packable hats inside while strapping a wide brim hat (straw or felt) securely to the outside. 


collection of women's high quality wide brim hats



Here are some details on each of our packable bucket hats:

  • Wait, did somebody saycrocheted bucket hat? Yup, you heard it right, the Sal is seriously the cutest hat ever! It’s too adorable, so we had to make it in kids' sizes too. 

  • Neutrals are kinda what we’re known for + we do that well, but pastels? Those are new for us so we really had to put the right colors with the right style. Since the Rylee bucket hat is so playful, we knew we had to include colors that everyone would fall in love with. In addition to our cream + brown, we also made the Rylee in tints of sage + lavender + we loved the result! 

  • A feminine linen bucket hat that can be styled with a dress, or kept casual with your go-to white tee - this is exactly what we went for while designing the Chandler. We wanted it to be packable, elegant, + understated. 


summer dress with women's straw bucket hat


Wide Brim Gardening Hat 

Look chic + avoid a sunburn while you’re at it - what could be better? Our wide brim hats were practically made for a day out in the garden. 

Wearing a straw hat with anextra-wide brim, like the Gwen, will give you the sun protection + shade you want all day long. Plus, who doesn’t love an elegant accessory to show off to the neighbors? 

When it comes to choosing a quality gardening hat, you’ll want plenty of airflow because digging in the dirt is hard work, especially on super hot days, so treat yourself to a hat that will provide you with all the comforts you need. 


women's wide brim straw visor


Wide Brim Visor 

It’s not that women simplywantthe chicest packable wide brim visor, it’s more of a necessity if we’re being real. Excellent for road trips? Yep. Are they ideal for a tennis match? Definitely. But, are they both functional + fashionable? You better believe it.  

Thebest wide brim visors are comfortable, light, + protective - we designed the Winnie, featured in our Spring Collection 2022 + we made sure to check all the boxes. The brim is woven tightly, so the light can’t peek through, giving you ultimate sun protection. 

Another visor we’ve introduced is one that’s designed with a  two-toned paper straw, wide, rigid brim we call the Eliza. We wanted this one to appeal to the woman who loves both elegance + practicality. Gigi Pip is all about mixing minimal design with innovative details you can’t find anywhere else. 


wide brim sun hat for ladies


Wide Brim Sun Hat

Vitamin D… don’t we all just have a love/hate relationship with it? A little is great, but if you soak up too much it could get a bit unhealthy - we have created the hats you need to get thatwonderful skin glow while avoiding sunspots + burns. 

Building sandcastles + throwing the frisbee back + forth (the most impossible thing ever) is even more fun when you’re shaded. You can enjoy the sunshine when your skin is well protected by hats like the River or the Ozzy. 

These wide brim sun hats give you the option to take them off without having to go back to your picnic spot to drop them off - simply use the adjustable leather chin strap to hang it off your back for a cool look. 

Believe it or not, sun hats are not always made of straw. We use 100% Australian wool in our felt hats because we know wool is breathable + temperature regulating so they’re great to wear all year round.

Our floppy brim felt hat, the Hannah, is a perfect choice for staying comfortable + cool on a sunny day. We wanted to make a hat that shows how diverse wool can be. The Hannah exudesbohemian chic vibes + most impressively, it’s packable! 


woman in wide brim sun hat


Packable Straw Hats for Women

When you have a top-of-the-line packable straw hat, you want it to be made with high standards for design + a high bar for the materials used to make it - we strive to give you precisely that with each style. 

We use a variety of straw types + base each design on the best look, texture, + feel a certain straw can provide. Like when we were creating thepackable dome crown Jude, we played around with a few options + in the end, we had to go with Raffia straw for its durable + flexible characteristics. 


woman in crochet bucket hat.


If you didn’t know all about packable wide brim hats before, you sure have all the info you need now! Whether you’re heading out for a fun vacation, spending all day outside, or planting your annual garden, a hat with ultimate sun protection that you can pack into any bag is, hands down, the best luxury to have. Find out for yourself how comfortable, convenient, + oh-so chic our packable wide brim hats are.  xx