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January 25, 2021 2 min read

Hey Cosmic Gals! 

We are so excited to share with you our Zodiac Collection + have you join us in an alignment challenge.  

2020 was definitely an unforgettable year. If you are like most, you started this year with new goals, promises + expectations. But as life goes on, they become a distant memory of what you wrote down on Jan 1st. With January ending, we invite you to re-set your vision, goals + intentions for the rest of 2021. 

Join us in our 7 day Alignment Challenge 

This challenge is designed to help you re-align with your goals + set out your 2021 manifestations. The best way to keep track of this challenge is by having a journal where you write in it everyday. You can repeat this challenge as many times as you would like + personalize it to best fit your life style. 

Day One: Get clear

Claim your energy back. Focus on letting go of anything that is holding you back. Today is your day to detox, declutter + re-align. Focus on letting go of anything that is causing you pain, stress or any bad feelings in your life. 


day 1 Alignment Challenge


Day Two: Set Goals + Intentions

Now that you've identified what needs to be cleared out of your life, we encourage you to replace it with new energy. Take this day to set goals + intentions. What would you do if there was no way to fail? Write it down! 

day 2 Alignment Challenge

Day Three: Connect 

Every thought you have, multiplies and manifests. Make those thoughts be good. Whenever your day seems to be going not-so-great, take charge and re-align. Create a list of ways you get connected. Feeling down? Reach out to a friend for a Face Time date. Feeling sluggish? Go on a walk and ground yourself to nature around you. Feeling overwhelmed with emotions? Sit down and write a letter to yourself. Getting connected will help raise your vibes and improve your day. 

day 3 Alignment Challenge

Day Four: Feel good

Do more of what makes you feels good. Today, write down what gives you energy + what takes energy away from you (energy drainers). Take your time to really think about what makes you feel good + do more of that. 

day 4 Alignment Challenge

Day Five: Gratitude 

Create a gratitude journal. Take this day to feel grateful for what is around you. Create a list of 3 people you are grateful for, 3 things that make your life easier, 3 experiences that have helped you grow + 3 memories that warm your heart. 

day 5 Alignment Challenge

Day Six: Reflect

Today is your day to look back at your week + reflect on what worked and what did not. Absorb your thoughts, but don't let them consume you. Just watch them as they cross your mind and release them. 

day 6 Alignment Challenge


Day Seven: Be confident 

When you are aligned, you glow differently. Embrace the glow + the many hats you wear. Be your beautiful, unapologetic self. Whenever you feel misaligned, come back to this challenge and re-connect with who you are -- a divine being. 

day 7 Alignment Challenge

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