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mar 21 - apr 19

leader | bold | loyal

Aries are the first sign of the zodiac, which is reflective in their overall nature. These bold, and ambitious personalities, also identify with their designated ‘ram’ zodiac symbol- often being brazen, audacious, and working their way to leadership roles. You can always count on an Aries to show up and support you, but probably offering unsolicited advice along the way. The Dakota Cream is a the ‘Crown’ of our fall | winter collection- we can imagine an Aries showing up fashionably late in this bold best-seller!


apr 20 - may 20

strong | connected to nature | creative

While they’re the most ‘chill’ of the Earth signs- you might have to wake a Taurus up to let them know. However, a Taurus won’t sleep on their goals (and their goals only!) Taurus are highly organized and driven- and good at gauging their own pace. These Earth signs are also deeply enrooted to their element- being the sign best known for their profound appreciation and connection to nature. Catch them resting in a hammock in the Wren in Green reading the latest from Brene Brown.


may 21 - jun 20

curious | versatile | expressive

Gemini’s love to do it all- an enigma of talent - which is why Gemini’s are always so fun to have around - until they get a little bored and lonely!There’s so much going on with Gemini’s - they have different versions of themselves for different ‘hat’s’ they wear! These air signs crave attention from people they love- and express their love sprightly. Just like their love language, the Lieutenant Cap in Navy + Gold is vibrant and can be seen paired with various types of outfits- just like a Gemini!


jun 21 - jul 22

compassionate | sensitive | intuitive

The embodiment of a water sign is the Cancer! Although a very compassionate sign, they can also cause some dramatic storms. These sensitive beings are highly emotional and intuitive- which can almost manifest in a way that allows them to read the energy in a room. Your cancer friends are the best to first introduce a new love interest to, they will give you an honest answer about their first impressions. Don’t misunderstand- their sensitivity doesn’t keep them from being the life of the party - they’ll definitely be the first to arrive in the Capri paired with a gorgeous linen ensemble!


jul 23 - aug 22

confident | center of attention | big heart

A Leo will always let you know they’re a leo, which is something we love about them! These spot-light seeking fire signs are the big, confident Lions often seen with lots of friends, and hosting all the fun parties, but are particular in the ways of perfection. They’re big hearted with even bigger personalities and the ultimate vibe providers. These bright fire-signs love the structure and careful design of the Cara Loren in-off white!