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December 18, 2018 2 min read

So it's almost Christmas...
And you still have to grab a gift for your co-worker's boyfriend's sister-in-law! It's too late to order anything online, so what do you do? Get her a Gigi Pip e-gift card! Genius... 

Click here to purchase an e-gift card. 


Now the average shopper would just forward over the email, but not you. You want to make it special!  But how do you wrap a printed out piece of paper that doesn't scream "last minute" gift?? Here are ten creative ways to wrap your gift certificate!
Once you complete your purchase your e-gift card will be emailed to you. Print it out, grab some tape, a couple of other supplies + let's get crafty! 


Wrap their e-gift card around their fav candy bar!

Supplies: Tape, Candy Bar, Printed Gift Certificate

Use an adorable stuffed animal to deliver your e-gift card. 

Supplies: Tape, Candy Bar, Printed Gift Certificate

Fold into a paper airplane to throw at your coworker at the Company Holiday Party!

Supplies: Tape, Candy Bar, Printed Gift Certificate

Here are seven more ways to wrap an e-gift card: 

  • Fold up your gift certificate + place in a mason jar filled with peppermints or any other hard candies that wont melt onto the paper.
  • Excessively wrap your gift certificate in a box, sealed with duct tape, wrapped in foil, inside a box, wrapped in packing tape... wrapped in wrapping paper. And enjoy watching them try to open it. 
  • Unravel a ball of yarn. Fold your gift certificate + tie it to end of the ball of yarn. Roll up the ball + attach a note to the end of the string with instructions to unravel.
  • Throw it back to your high school days + fold your gift certificate into a cootie catcher before gifting it. 
  • Roll up + slip inside a balloon. Fill with confetti + inflate. Attach instructions to pop the balloon to open their gift.
  • Glue onto cardboard + cut out a puzzle for them to assemble.

  • Roll up gift certificate + place inside a reusable mug/water bottle.
    E-gift cards can be used online or in-store + make the PERFECT last minute Christmas gift. We also sell physical gift cards that can be easily stuffed into a stocking or hidden in a Christmas card. We hope that all of your Christmas celebrations are merry this year + happy holidays from the Gigi Pip family!
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