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Location - Downtown Salt Lake City

Location - Kaysville


The ease of online shopping is unmatched. Sitting in the comfort of your favorite spot, logged in to your phone with the perfect ambiance surrounding you. Online shopping is bliss (+ so 2023 ) + we are not here to argue you that. However, shopping for your next hat deserves a different kind of experience. Online, you can browse our product inventory in seconds + end up with digital cart full of products that you love, but you may not know.Online shopping for your next hat may be convenient, but have you ever come in + held one before?

We challenge you to spend time at one of our retail locations + make your next hat purchase an experience. The moment you walk into one of our retail stores, we know the hats will start speaking to you. Browse an array of different styles, colors, sizes + hat accessories with our readily available hat experts, there to help with knowledge + advice. Stop by! Though we must warn you -- once you try the first hat on, you'll find yourself confidently wearing the entire store. See you soon!


Are you ready to love your job + local to Salt Lake City? Our mission at Gigi Pip is to instill confidence in women everywhere + encourage them to embrace the many hats they wear. We are looking to add ambitious, energetic + passionate team members to our Gigi Pip retail team at Fashion Place Mall.