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Common Questions

How do I care for my hat?

Your hat will last a long time if properly cared for. Some best practices include the occasional "soft brush" to remove dust and debris, picking up your hat by the brim and not the crown, and hanging your hat instead of laying it flat. For more details read our Top Tips for Cleaning Your Hatblog post. 

How do hat sizes work?

Most women hat sizes are created to be one size fits all. For more questions about Gigi Pip Hat sizing + a conversion guide read our Hat Sizing 101 blog. post. In general, this covers medium to large head sizes. Often times, women hats will have an adjustable inner band to help with fitting and smaller head size. Look for the fitting guide in the description of each Gigi Pip hat to better understand how each hat will fit. 

What are the hats made of?

Hats are commonly made from a variety of materials. Wool felt hats are commonly found as they imitate fur felts without the high costs of fur. Hats can also be made from materials such as polyester, fur, and mixed polyester / wool. For a better understanding of what each Gigi Pip hat is made from, see the product description + click here to see About Gigi Pip Hats

Can wool felt hats get wet?

Do what you can to keep moisture off of your hat. Wet hats often change shape slightly when they dry. For this reason it is best to hang a hat to dry rather then lay it flat. There are several treatments available for water proofing your hat.  

If your hat happens to get smashed or the brim gets bent here's a helpful video on reshaping your hat. 



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