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Cara Loren Signature Series Hat - Updates

Last updated: Feb 12, 2021 1:50 pm

We are SO excited about the Cara Loren Signature Series Hat + know many of you are too!
Thank you for your patience + understanding during the delayed shipment of these pre-orders. We are confident this hat will be worth the wait + this page was created so you can also feel confident knowing that we are making every effort to get these to you as soon as possible. 
While we accounted for COVID shipping delays in the original estimated ship date of this pre-order, the delays have been more drastic than we could have ever anticipated. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we will be listing updates on this page every few days until the hats arrive.
Visit this link as often as you'd like to check the latest updates.
  • 2.12.2021 - HUGE NEWS! We have received one of our containers of Cara Loren hats! We also received notice that the remaining containers are set to get on rail today, so we should see them in Salt Lake next week. Yay! Pre-orders have started shipping out. 

  • 2.09.2021 - We received notice that some of our containers are finally being put on the rail! In the past, this has meant arrival in Salt Lake within a week. Finally some movement! 
  • 2.02.2021 - In contact with the rail yard every day, but still haven’t seen the containers move. 

  • 1.30.2021 - Check your email! To compensate for the much-longer-than-expected wait, we’ve added $25 in loyalty cash to your Gigi Pip loyalty account.
  • 1.22.2021 - No update from the rail yard on when the containers will be put on the rail. Still playing the waiting game! Typically after containers are on the rail, they arrive in Salt Lake within a week. So this is the big step we are waiting on! 
  • 1.19.2021 - Hounding the rail yard and our freight forwarder every day, but there is a massive backup at the ports in California. Fingers crossed we see the containers put on the rail this week!
  • 1.14.2021 - Cara Loren hat bands have arrived at the warehouse. Orders containing only Cara Loren hatbands have been shipped. While the Cara hats are still stuck in transit, this is a good sign that there is movement!
    • 1.4.2021 - Still no update from the rail yard: HOWEVER; we have received dozens of other styles that have been stuck in transit which is a good signal that we should be seeing the Cara Hat soon. Crossing fingers!!

    • 12.27.2020 - The containers carrying the Cara Hat are at the port and ready to be put on the rail. No exact timeline has been given, but based on past experience shipments are usually delivered to us within a couple of weeks.

    • 12.18.2020 - Customer orders containing other products that are currently in stock are being split and the products in stock are being shipped in an effort to reach customers before Christmas. 

    • 12.15.2020 - Original "Estimated Ship Date" for the Cara Loren Signature Pre-Orders.

    • 12.14.2020 - Email sent to all Cara Hat Pre-Orders notifying them that the Cara Hat has not arrived. Our website was updated to reflect the new delivery timeline.

    • 12.05.2020 - Original arrival date of the shipment as estimated by our freight forwarder.



    How long will it take for hats to be sent after they arrive?

    • These orders will become our first priority once the hats arrive. Please keep in mind that we do have a large amount of orders to ship out. The orders which were placed first will be fulfilled first. Our fulfillment team expects to ship all orders out within 5-7 business days from when the hats arrive to our warehouse. Once orders leave our warehouse, they typically take 2-4 days to arrive at your doorstep.

    What will the return/exchange window be for my pre-order items?

    • Our return policy is that all orders in unused condition are available to return or exchange for 35 days after delivery. So your return window will begin once you have received your hat. In the event you do have any trouble with this, please reach out to us at hello@gigipip.com or text us at 833-568-6955.

    Can I make changes to my order before it ships?

    • Yes, please contact us at hello@gigipip.com or text us at 833-568-6955. We would be happy to make any changes including size adjustments, shipping address changes, etc.

    Where can I get updates on my order?

    • This page will be updated frequently! Please bookmark the link or you can find it on our homepage.


    If you have any additional questions, we are always willing to help. You can emails us at hello@gigipip.com or text us at 833-568-6955.

    Again, we so appreciate your patience + look forward to seeing you all enjoy these hats!