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September 24, 2020 3 min read

How to wear a hat with short hair 

Did you recently get a haircut? Or have short hair + don't know how to style it with a hat? Don't worry, whatever the case is we will help you find the best hat for you!

Every once in awhile we get messages from gals saying they love our hats, but don't know if they can pull it off because they have short hair. This is absolutely not true. Having short hair can automatically make you look chic, so adding a stylish hat should not be as daunting as it sometimes seems. Whether you have a bob cut, pixie or bangs there is a hat that will work for you. 

Scroll down + learn all the tips on how to wear a hat with short hair!

When in doubt choose a floppy wide brim hat! 

When you have short hair you can't go wrong with a wide brim hat! The best choice for someone with short hair would be the Annabella Wide Brim! It is a fun hat that looks great with short hair! It's also a staple hat that never goes our of style. This style of hat can be worn in every season! It is so versatile + fun to play around with. 

annabelle black fedora

Hat: Annabella Black

Fedora's are also a great choice for everyone!

It's not a secret that fedora's are the perfect hat for everyone! Not only are they the most popular hat for men + women but they look so flattering on everyone. Our Monroe is one of our best sellers and just looks so stunning on! Don't you agree? 

monroe brown fedora

Hat: Monroe Brown

Winter Hats For Short Hair

Hat's are the best way to stay warm + look chic through out the winter. Throwing a hat on can also save you time when you're having a bad hair day. Some of our favorites winter hats for short hair gals are the Ginger Gambler+ Beanies. The secret to make a beanie look chic when you have short hair, is to let some hair peep through! 

Another question that many of our short hair gals ask is "Should I stay away from hats similar to my hair color?" The answer is NO! The hat will not blend in. Feel free to explore different colors + style! 


mitzi beanie

Hat: Mitzi Beanie

Summer Hats for Short Hair

Straw hats are such a fun way to look fabulous throughout the summer + protect yourself from the sun! Some of the best summer hats to wear during the summer when you have short hair are the Brae Straw Boater + Capri Short. These two hats are a staple to your summer fashion. Whether you have a pixie cuts, bob cuts, bowl cuts, bangs, ect.. you can style a hat. 


arlo cream

 Hat: Arlo Cream

Whether you have short, long or even a shaved head there is a hat for you!  When choosing a hat you should choose the one that makes you feel good when wearing it—the one that brings out your inner confidence + makes you feel like a queen. 

how to wear a hat with short hair
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