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December 22, 2020 2 min read

Why Wool Floppy Hats are the Most Packable Sun Hats? 

Wool hats are the perfect sun hats because they are so easily packable + work great to protect your face from the sun. They can be bent into your beach bag and fall back into place when you take them out. 

When choosing your sun hat we recommend an oversize wide brim floppy hat. This style is ideal for protecting your face on sunny days. A floppy sun hat looks so chic and stylish when you pair it with a summer dress.

You can wear a floppy sun hat to the beach, brunch, park or on a picnic date! These hats are ideal for all your outdoor activities. 

The Hannah + Addie are some of our best beach hats. They protect your face from the harsh sun rays + look darling with almost everything! 

Best GIGI PIP beach hats

Some of the benefits of buying a floppy hat are: 

  • They are the most packable sun hat 
  • You can wear them throughout the seasons 
  • They are easy to shape them back into shape
  • Looks so good on! (but you already knew that) 

Having a great floppy beach hats is perfect for any tropical getaway vacation! They are great to pack into your luggage + look so stunning with so many outfits. A wool floppy hat is a great way to top off your outfit.  

When you land at your sunny destination it is important to always wear a hat, sunscreen + sunglasses. You need to protect your skin + eyes from the strong rays of the sun. Do not worry about what the locals do because you are more than likely going to be sight seeing and spending all your day outdoors. 

Your floppy wool sun hat will become your BFF during your time in the sun. You will look your best + feel your best while on your vacation. 

Need help packing your hats? check out this blog post on how to pack your hats.