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April 11, 2018 4 min read

Here at Gigi Pip, we've always got spring and summer on our minds and always seem to be gearing up for summer sun and counting down the days to all our summer vacations, pool days and boating trips. We can practically smell the sunscreen and freshly cut grass. But what is the best hat to take on a beach vacation?

Rocky Beach Hats


The Best Beach Hats

So you are headed on your beach vacation and don't want to be caught without great sun protection. You will want to know what hat hats are best for the beach. That being said, you might also want your hat to be stylish and versatile throughout your entire vacation and work for nights out just as well as it works for a beach day. What Gigi Pip hats scream sunshine and tan lines + are well rounded beach vacation winners? We are giving you the 411 on all the best vacation hats  + the cutest beach hats and helpful tips on how to pack them in your suitcase!

Faye: The Straw Hat Designed With Vacation In Mind

Faye Gigi Pip hat design

Hat: Faye- Natural Straw Boater Short Brim Hat 

First things first, is our girl Faye is a great option whether you are headed to the beach or downtown. This brim straw boater hat has a smaller brim that offers good sun protection without seeming too big. It is one of our favorite hats for a beach vacation because it has an incredible personality and goes with everything from a swimsuit to overalls to a flowy sundress. She is one of our best sellers for spring and summer and will have you singing no matter what the weather.

Addie : The Floppy Sun Hat

Addie floppy hat design

Hat: Addie- Women's Straw Wide Brim Sun Hat

Looking for a sun hat to use on the beach? Look no further than the Addie—our floppy beach hat. She is definitely a statement piece and one of our cutest hats. She's got your back when it comes to skin care and protection from the sun. With such a wide brim, there are no sunglasses needed as you can expect sun protection for your entire face. Its floppy brim tends to be flattering with all kinds of hairstyles and its flexibility makes it one of our most packable hats. Complete with genuine leather detail, this classic straw beach hat is a must-have for sun lovers and beachgoers.


Mona: The Trendy Beach Hat

Gigi Pip's Mona beach hat

Hat: Mona Black Curled Brim Hat 

Number three on the list of best beach hats is the Mona—one of our trendiest beach hats. The Mona adds a fun twist to any spring or summer #ootd. Its mashable design makes this hat a fan favorite because of its ability to easily be packed in your suitcase. The curled brim is offered just the right amount of sunshine in for a sun-kissed glow and touch of freckles. 


Cleo: The Straw Beach Fedora

Gigi Pip's Cleo Straw beach fedora

Hat: Cleo Brown Straw Fedora Hat 

The Cleo is up next. The versatility and high quality of this hat complement the fact you can wear it ALL year long, through all four seasons, no questions asked. It's tightly woven, travels well and is ready to jet set to the salty seaside with you this summer. Its brim is an ideal size, offering protection from the sun without being too in-the-way. 


Bre: The Timeless Straw Hat Style

Bre straw hat design

Hat: Bre- Natural Stiff Straw Pork Pie Hat 

Last, but certainly not least is Bre, our straw pork pie hat. Our customers have loved Bre because a unique look with timeless fashion. Our Bre is a little stiffer than most straw hats molded with firmly pressed paper straw and features a telescope crown and a classic rope band finish. She is super flexible and has an inner elastic band for an optimal fit. A great vacation hat, the Bre is one of our favorites because she doesn't just fall into one category of beach headwear, she pairs perfectly with just about anything. Dress her up or down and take her from day to night in a breeze.


Gigi Pip hats packed for travel



How to Pack a Beach Hat in your Suitcase

Now, you might be thinking, "Okay, I finally found the perfect hat for my summer vacation, but how do I pack it in my suitcase?" Good question. 

Packing a sun hat is seriously an art, especially for those habitual over packers that must keep their bags under a 50-pound limit. Anyone guilty? I don't know about you guys, but I always hesitate to pack hats for fear they will get crushed or lose their shape. We are giving you the foolproof way to pack all your Gigi Pip hats:

  • Roll or fold a sturdy clothing item (underwear, socks, tank tops) and stuff them into the crown of your hat to support it.
  • Lay the hat flat on the bottom of your suitcase right side up.
  • Start packing around it so nothing sits on top of the crown.
  • If that doesn't work for you, carry your hat onto the plane and place it flat on top of your suitcase in the overhead compartment for safe travels.
  • Keep in mind some of our floppy and softer beach hats are okay to be crushed a bit while traveling and can bounce right back into shape once you reach your destination. 

Wherever you are headed this summer, be sure to send us a postcard and tag us in all your beach photos with your Gigi Pip hat in tow. 


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