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March 06, 2021 2 min read

It’s our favorite time of the year! It’s the time where we reflect back on our mission, our mission to promote confidence in other women and celebrate their talents and contributions to society. Even though we celebrate these individuals every day, we wanted to lay out some ideas how you and your tribe can do the same. Small masked gatherings, virtual hangouts, or even just spending time with the women in your immediate family. There is no wrong way to celebrate but, here are some ways we will be honoring our female heroes this year while staying safe.

Women of Gigi Pip

Women in Business Virtual Gathering

Girl boss? That’s right! We said it. GIRL BOSS! This IWD (International Women’s Day)bring together all the women in business you admire for a virtual hang session. Bounce ideas of how to grow your business off each other, share your stories, and make long lasting friendships. These friendships will not only help you grow your entity but will expand your network of entrepreneurs, which at times can be a boys club (no hate guys). 

Support a Female Owned Small Business

This year many female owned small businesses have taken a huge hit financially and are barely staying afloat. Take this day (and everyday) as an opportunity for you and your circle to support these entities and do a little shopping. Win, win! You get some quality made goods while also helping out a gal pal. 

Reach Out to a Woman You Admire

Is there that girl where you have your notifications turned on to notify you whenever she posts? Same! At Gigi Pip we challenge you to reach out to this girl and befriend her. We know this can be hard especially for our introverts out there but guarantee, this will not only validate the woman you admire, you will also leave that direct message with a sister. Sisterhood is a huge part of being a woman, so let’s make sure we are actively seeking to grow this family.