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Whether you're ridin' solo this year, trying to figure out how to celebrate Valentine's Day with kiddos, or anything in-between - - -

this is the ULTIMATE list of Valentine's Day activities. 

Ava Beanie 

If your Valentine's Day date is yourself:

You are a beautiful, independent queen + today is your day to celebrate. 
  • Book a spa day. Facials, mani, pedi, the whole nine yards! Treat yo self.
  • Binge watch your fav movies. Your diet can take a break - - - get all the Valentine's Day candy from Target + popcorn you want! 
  • Take a class. Yoga, painting, kick boxing - - - whatever you've been wanting to learn but haven't had the time. Today is the day!


Dahlia Boater Hats@cassandrafarleyphoto  


If your Valentine's Day date is the squad:

You don't need a man to celebrate LOVE! Call the crew + make plans!
  • Celebrate in true Galentine's Day fashion + go out to brunch. 
  • Organize a Valentine Craft party! Make Valentines, arrange flowers, or whatever you've been pinning on your Craft board on Pinterest. 
  • Get your girls matching hats! Straw hats for their summer vacations, baseball caps for everyday, beanies for the slopes - - - we got it here at Gigi Pip!


 Dani Beanies


If your Valentine's Day dates are your kids:

No one loves your little ones more than you!
  • Make them a special lunch for school. They fav foods ( aaannnnd maybe some Valentine's Day candy) will totally make their day. 
  • Take them to do their fav activity - - - AND DO IT WITH THEM! They love to skate? Strap on the knee pads. Little artists in the fam? Take them to the park to paint!
  • Make reservations at a fancy dinner. (We'll let your determine how "fancy" you want to go.) Kids that love dressing up will adore going out with mom + dad for a candlelight dinner for three.. four.... etc. 


Monroe in Brown 


If your Valentine's Day date is your man:

This one is a little more mainstream, but here are some fun ways to jazz up your average Valentine's Day date. 
  • Make Valentine's Day EASY by sending your date your Gigi Pip wishlist! Just add the items to "My Wishlist" + email them over! Guys like it when you make things simple. 
  • Instead of choosing for Movie Night, let fate decide! Choose a time to head over to the theater + buy tickets for the next movie thats playing regardless of what it is! Keeps things exciting. 
  • Find the trendiest spot in town + go on a Food Crawl. Go to different restaurants for appetizers, main course, + dessert! Gives you a chance to try different things + walk around town. 




No matter who you celebrate Valentine's Day with, do it with confidence!
Grab a straw hat if you're celebrating Valentine's Day in the sun!
Have a question about sizing? Here's more info: Hat Sizing 101

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