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January 12, 2017 2 min read

 "Some people think that there are hat people and not hat people. But, to me, I think it really boils down to finding the right hat for the person."

Written by Katie-Rose Decoeli of Wild Rosebuds Blog featuring the Lizzy Fedora by Gigi Pip


how to wear a hat with long brown hair


 You see, finding a good hat means looking at many different things, the shape of your head, the shape of your face, the color, and length of your hair. It takes experimenting, finding what works and sometimes a ton of selfies. But, when you find what works, and stick with those styles, you’ll fall in love with hats!

If you have Dark brown long hair, then you're in luck! I have a few key pointers to share with you so you can find the perfect hat without having to do all of the legwork.

how to wear a hat with long brown hair


With dark brown hair, you’re lucky, you can really pull off many different colors. But, to be safe, I would stick to a few of the classic colors like camel, black, and grey. These colors compliment your hair and also are different enough to contrast with your hair as well. When it comes to brown, I would stay away, as it could blend in too much with your hair. As for white, you need to be careful that it could stand out too much, taking away from your pretty face, though it does look great on everyone during the summer months.

The style of the hat really depends on your shape and size of your head. It is also about personal preference. For me, I have a very small head and petite face. I usually lean towards flat brim hats that have smaller brims. But, if you have a normal to larger head size, you can wear most hat styles without worry. What is great about Gigi Pip hats, is that they are adjustable on the inside to fit your head better.

When you find a great hat, you want to wear it with everything. With a quick switch of your hairstyle, you can make the same hat look totally different. Below are three great, quick hairstyles that go with every style hat from a floppy brim to a touque/beanie.

how to wear a hat with long brown hair

Every girl loves a loose wave, and this easy go-to hair style looks perfect under a hat. Especially if your are in between washes.

how to wear a hat with long brown hair

Us girls with long brown hair can really pack a punch into a braid because of the length. Try rocking a single side braid or even a double braid under your hat. This is the perfect style if you are wanting your hair out of your face but still looking cute.


how to wear a hat with long brown hair


A messy low chignon/bun is a quick and elegant look under a hat. It easily dresses up an outfit and looks especially great with a smaller brimmed hat.

No matter the style of hair or style of hat that you have, the key to making it look good will always be the same, Confidence. Own your choice and your look and people will feel the same!