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Anyone else recently dump their entire closet onto their bed + hugged their silk blouse to see if it “sparked joy”?


The konmari method is a life-changing style of tidying + decluttering that has taken the world by storm. Every since Marie Kondo’s Netflix series went live, people all over America have been clearing their homes of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” for them. We are in love with the idea of only filling your home with things that make you happy + couldn’t wait to try it ourselves.


Want to get in on the hype? Here’s the KonMari Method for Hat Lovers:


The method is simple enough: Go through your home by category + sort through each individual item. Since we’re writing a blog post + not a novel, we decided to stick with the closet.

Gather all your items
Marie Kondo recommends dumping everything in one place all at once before sorting. So go through your closet, dressers, coat cabinets, etc + place all your items in one pile.


Keep only the things that spark joy
Now we sort. Hold each individual item in your hands. If you don’t feel an immediate sense of joy, that item is to be discarded or donated.


Donate or discard the rest
Marie Kondo says to thank the item before placing it in a bag to be donated. It’s graceful way of getting closure for getting rid of an item with strong emotional attachment.


Organize the remaining items
Now comes the fun part. Each item you keep will have its own designated home! Once you’re done wearing it, it’ll go back to its home. This keeps your space tidy + organized.


Your hats deserve to be displayed in a way that “sparks joy” so here’s a couple of our fav #inspo pics on hanging your hats!


Dahlia in Brown, James in Camel, Billie in Dark Grey, Gwen, Mona in White | Elexis Lyn 


 Dahlia in Light Grey | Perla Salazar


Monroe in Oatmeal | @annaclairetadlock


Monroe in Brown | Shawna @arrowsandapricots


Emma | Shawna @arrowsandapricots


Thank you Marie Kondo, for inspiring us to put on the hat of "homemaker", "organizer", + "joy sparker". Learn more about the KonMari Method here.


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6 Responses


April 24, 2019

Love the rug in picture 4. Can you point me to the source?


April 18, 2019

Can any type of hat work when hanging for artistic appeal? I live in West Texas and I am overrun with cowboy hats.
The shape makes hanging difficult sometimes.
Enjoyed your article.


March 11, 2019

I love the way you’ve decorated your home! Where did you find the bed in photo 4?


March 10, 2019

Looove that dresser!! Yes… where is that from? Also interested to know what you hang your hats up with.

Semhar Tsegay
Semhar Tsegay

February 23, 2019

Love the article! Where did you get the dresser from in the third picture?


January 18, 2019

I love this method! I’d also love to hang my hats on my wall. What’s the best way to hang them? A nail, a larger or broader wood peg, something else entirely? Curious to learn from the experts, you guys!

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