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December 10, 2020 4 min read

The Guide to Different Types of Hats [With Pictures]
As the popularity of hats make a come back in the fashion world words such as fedora, boaters + caps are becoming used more often. Understanding all the different styles is important because many times hats are confused. 
This is your new go-to hat guide, for all you hat needs, questions + help! 

Fedora Hat

Fedora hats are one of the most common hats that people talk about + wear. They look fabulous on everyone and are so fun to style! You can tell a fedora apart because of it's distinguishing wide brim + pinch crown. 

Material: Fedora hats are mainly made out of felt. Historically, the most common colors for fedoras were grey, black + brown. Now a days, fedoras come in all colors and material. You can even find fedoras made out of straw like our beautiful ARLO

Where to Wear: Fedora's have evolved and become so universal that you can wear them almost everywhere- even to your wedding!

There is defiantly a reason why so many people are crushing on our fedora styles. They are so easy to pair with any outfit + make your outfit look chic. They can also be used throughout all the seasons. 

Our Best Seller Fedoras Are: The Monroe Rancher, The Zephyr, The Dakota + Wes.

The Guide to Different Types of Hats [With Pictures]

Boater Hat

Boater Hats are a gorgeous style that originated in the 1920s. You can tell a boater hat a part because of its stiff flat crown + short brim. Boater hats are the perfect hat for all your outdoor activities.

Material: Boater hat were originally a semi-formal summer hat. They were made out of straw with a ribbon around the crown. The Faye Short is a good example of a classic boater style hat. From the 1920s to today, the boater has evolved and now they come in different colors + materials like felt!

Where to Wear: Boater hats are perfect for all your outdoor activities! They keep your face safe from the sun + brighten up your outfits. 

To style your boater hat you can add a feather or hat bands! Throughout the warmer days of the season you can style your boater hat with a summer dress + sunglasses. On the chilly days you can through a sweater on-top of the dress + pair it off with sneakers. On freezing cold days you can style a felt boater with jeans + your favorite winter sweater. 

For more styling help, check out our IG @gigipip

Our Best Seller Boater Hats: The Capri Medium, The Dahlia + The Brae!

The Guide to Different Types of Hats [With Pictures]



The beret is a soft round flat crowned hat. Originally, the beret was worn as military headgear in ancient Greece. It has now become a staple in many women's closet- especially when traveling to Paris! 

Material:Berets are made from wool. They fit snug around the head and can even be shaped in various ways. 

Where to Wear: Beret are a bold statement for your outfit. They are commonly worn in the winter to keep your head warm but now a days people wear them in the fall + spring! You can wear your beret to a picnic, on a coffee date or when traveling to a big city.

A beret are easy to style! You can shape it to best accentuate your features. The best way to pair your beret is with a trench coat + booties. Keep your make up natural + make sure that the hat is the focus of your outfit. 

Our Best Seller Beret Hat:The Sophie Beret


Caps are a great way to style your outfit. They can make your casual outfit look fierce. Caps can be style throughout all the seasons + look so good on everyone. 

May gals shy away from wearing caps but when they finally try them on, they do not go back!

Newsboy Cap

A newsboy cap is also known as a flat cap. It is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front. The origin of this cap is tracked back to 14th century Northern England. Now a days, it has become a chic and edgy go-to hat for many gals. 

Material: You can find this hat in leather, linen + corduroy and normally has a silk, linen, or cotton lining for extra warmth. 

Lieutenant Cap

The lieutenant cap is a vintage inspired take on a classic cap style. You can tell a lieutenant cap apart because it has a stiff rounded visor, and flat crown. 

Material: Lieutenant caps are made out of polyester, wool + leather or polymer material. 

Fisherman Caps

The fisherman cap was inspired by the captain hat. It has a very distinguishing look due to its soft unstructured crown + small brim. The fisherman cap always has a braided small rope that stretches in the strong of the hat. 

Material: The fisherman caps are normally made out of wool or polyester. 

No mater which cap you choose styling them is very similar. You can wear your hair up, in braids or even with a low bun. These hats are the best hats to hide your 2nd day hair + still look chic! 

Where to wear: The best thing about caps is that they can be worn in every season! They are such an edgy way to add a little spice to your outfits. You can wear a Newsboy cap when you are out doing errands + the fisherman cap to a date at your local coffee shop. These hats are so universal + great for completing your looks. 

Our Best Seller Caps: Linen Newsboy CapCharlotte Corduroy Cap + Lieutenant Cap 

The Guide to Different Types of Hats [With Pictures]