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April 25, 2020 3 min read

Aly Ryan

Hat: The Aiden Straw Pork Pie - Cream

Aly has been a big supporter of Gigi Pip for a long time -- she's continuously rockin' our hats in her feed. I came in contact with Aly a few months ago when we did a collaboration with the Billie. Instantly, I was inspired by her authenticity in how she showcases her beautiful life through photography and her passion for being a mom to her three lil' babes. I am thrilled to introduce Aly to all of you + know you will love her as much as I do. 


What are you passionate about in life?

So much to be passionate about! Life is good (cue the Future and Drake song) My passions lie in Motherhood-loving my babies; Raising good humans. Homemaking-creating a beautiful, safe place to make memories in. There's love behind these walls. Art-Creating visual magic through the eyes of a camera lens. Playing dress-up- Wearing ALL the hats (quite literally).


Were there ever times you felt uncertain if you could make it in that capacity? What gave you the courage/confidence to push through?

When I have a moment of self-doubt, I'm grateful for my husband who sees me in different eyes than I see myself. He believes in me, supports me, AND gets me a Gigi Pip hat for every holiday. My children give me the courage and strength daily to persevere, as it's so important to me that they see their mother following her dreams, AND nurturing her identity outside of motherhood, too. I want my daughters and son to know AND to believe that they are capable of anything. And so you are you, friend.


How did you get connected to Gigi Pip, and can you describe your affinity toward the company?

I'm naturally drawn to anything that possesses beauty/aesthetics (that's the enneagram 4 in me!), so when I discovered Gigi Pip, the inner hat lover in me HAD to get my hands on one! Gigi Pip hats are STUNNING. Hang them on the wall and they make the perfect home decor. Pair them with any outfit to completely transform your look. Cover up day 7464 mom hair and look chic'. (I can't be the only one who does this right?) As a woman who "wears many hats" - mother, homemaker, spouse, friend, artist, and photographer (oh AND crazy hat lady!), amongst many other things, Gigi Pip's "many hats" motto resonates with me on so many levels. Catch me doing all of the above, but with a Gigi Pip hat on, of course. 


Which of the GGP styles are your favorites, and why?

My hands-down, favorite styles, are the Emma and the Miller. I love that Emma is so versatile- dress her up or down. Perfect everyday casual hat, but also makes for a great finishing touch to a more made up outfit. The Miller is a beautiful hat that I personally think would complement anyone. A great "beginner" hat for someone who wants to get their feet wet, (because of the multiple color selections, and a brim that doesn't overwhelm)!


Do you ever find yourself giving style advice? What would you say to gals who like the style of a wide brim hat, but doesn't feel confident they could pull off the look?

"Girl you must have never tried a Gigi Pip!" But seriously- as soon as it's placed on your head, it's an instant connection- love-at-first-sight kinda thing- so be prepared. (You can't have JUST one. Ask my husband, he will tell ya!) Gigi Pip offers a hat in everyone's comfort zone. However, taking a leap and trying something that may seem more daring style-wise, usually always pays off. Don't take anything too seriously- fashion should be fun. Tell yourself you're going to rock it and you will. Do your thing girl.  xx Aly Ryan


Aly Ryan


Follow Aly's adventures via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alyjaneryan/