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October 05, 2018 4 min read

MYTH: I can’t wear a hat because I have curly hair.
TRUTH: You can flawlessly rock a hat with curly hair. 
We need to set something straight. Often, we hear women say that their curly hair type keeps them from wearing a hat. This is simply not true! Curly hair shouldn't keep you from wearing a hat and feeling confident in it. Some of our favorite hats can be effortlessly styled with curly hair both long and short! In this guide, we feature some of the best hats for curly hair, give some actionable styling tips for wearing a hat with curls and give tips on avoiding frizz. 


how to wear a hat with curly hair

Best Hats for Curly Hair

Meet Naomi, our curly hair expert here in the Gigi Pip office!
She’s not only a student, volleyball star, + book devourer but she’s also the mastermind behind shipping your orders.Naomi rocks our hats on the daily and will share her picks for the best hats for curly hair—styles perfect for wearing a hat with curly locks!
Naomi’s Hair Type: Thick hair with full + fluffy curls

The Satin Lined Secret

Hats lined with satin are easy on curly hair and prevent the hat from causing dry, frizzy hair. At Gigi Pip we line the inside of our felt hats with satin for all our curly haired girls. 
how to wear a hat with curly hair
how to wear a hat with curly hair
“Dahlia makes my list because she is sleek + classic.
Honestly, she would look good on someone with or without curly hair.”
Dahlia’s wider brim will balance out the fullness of your mane and
compliment your face + hair shape. The clean lines on the Dahlia will also make it a good option for wearing a hat with short curly hair.
how to wear a hat with curly hair
how to wear a hat with curly hair
“Monroe is the perfect starter hat.
Literally, anyone can rock theMonroe + look good.”
The Monroe's versatility make it a great hat option for girls with curly hair. The Monroe is a classic fedora style rancher hat + is one of our most popular hats for the Fall + Winter season. If you’re interested in the Monroe make sure you grab one before she sells out!
how to wear a hat with curly hair
how to wear a hat with curly hair
“Annabella will make you look good without even trying.
She elevates your jeans + tee shirt to a whole new level.”
The Annabella’s floppy brim is casual + cute without looking like
you'retrying too hard. The floppy hat material looks great with curls and can give thicker hair a styled look instantly. 
how to wear a hat with curly hair

Hairstyles for Wearing Hats with Curly Hair

One of the best tips for wearing hats with curls is to pair your with a curl friendly hairstyle. If you feel like you can't wear a hat because of your curls, it might be that you just haven't discovered hairstyles that will help make a hat your perfect option. Try these hairstyles for curly hair + hats! 
  • Braided Pigtails

Braided Pigtails are great for curly hair because they fight frizz and help trap moisture in your hair, meaning you can pull off a flawless hat look without worrying about hair frizz clashing with your style. French braids also work great.

  • Twisted Braid

A twisted braid lets your hair rest while still retaining moisture and looking great. The braid complements the hat and finishes out the look. 

  • Bun
Buns are a super simple option that allows you to use a hat as the centerpiece of your look. Once you have your hair in bun, use the hat to style your look and complement your curls.
Looking to keep things simple? To change your look from day to night, try parting your hair to the side and sweeping your curls over your shoulder. It’s an instant “going out” look. Your hat can blend the new part for flawless curly hair. 
how to wear a hat with curly hair
Middle Part
how to wear a hat with curly hair
Side Part

Protect Your Hair From Drying Out

Keeping your hair healthy and moisturized will bring out more curl and help you feel confident wearing a hat. Help your hat get along with your curly hair by putting moisturizing agents in it. Sweet almond oil, coconut oil or another natural moisturizer like shea butter can be great for hair + scalp health and can strengthen your ends and allow them to hold more moisture. You can also use a natural hair mask to improve the health of your curls and make them more resistant to drying out.
Humidity can wreak havoc on curls, but using a natural oil can lock moisture in to keep your curls looking good in your hat. You could even use the hat to help keep frizz under control in very humid climates.
Felt hats are often worn in the winter or fall, seasons that tend to dry hair out. For women with curly hair, this can feel like it means you can't wear a hat, but it doesn't have to! Develop a hair care routine that will not only keep your hair healthy during colder months, but have you looking great with a hat! 

How to Wear a Hat with Short Curly Hair

Wearing a hat can make shorter curly hair look absolutely fabulous. Try a hairstyle that gives you some volume so your curls aren't overpowered by the hat. Short curly hair looks great styled with most hats, but here are a few of our favorite hats for short curly hair. 
Brown Trilby Hat
Women's White Fedora
Women's Short Brim Straw Hat
Pro Tip: Try wearing a beanie with curly hair to avoid a tight fit that causes hat hair. 

Summer Hats for Curly Hair

Summer is a time for curls to shine! Hats can be your fashion staple during the summer months and can help your curls pop. Here are some favorite summer hats for curly hair:
White Summer Hat
Summer Straw Hat
Straw Boater Hat

Other Tips for Wearing a Hat with Curly Hair 

  • Stick to creme styling products when wearing a hat with curly hair to avoid “crunching” your curls.
  • Don’t wear a hat with wet hair… just don’t.
  • Try leave in conditioner to get some great shine and defined curls. 
  • Beat hat hair by teasing out the volume of your curls before you wear a hat. 
Do you have any other tips for our curly hair girls out there?
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