How to Wear a Hat with Curly Hair

Posted on October 05 2018

MYTH: I can’t wear a hat because I have curly hair.


Meet Naomi, our curly hair expert here in the Gigi Pip office!
She’s not only a student, volleyball star, + book devourer but she’s also the mastermind behind shipping your orders. Naomi rocks our hats on the daily + would like to share her tips for wearing a hat with curly locks!
Here are Naomi’s top Gigi Pip hat picks + tips for wearing a hat with curly hair.
Naomi’s Hair Type: Thick hair with full + fluffy curls
“Dahlia makes my list because she is sleek + classic.
Honestly, she would look good on someone with or without curly hair.”
Dahlia’s wider brim will balance out the fullness of your mane and
compliment your face + hair shape.
“Monroe is the perfect starter hat.
Literally, anyone can rock the Monroe + look good.”
The Monroe is a classic fedora style rancher hat + is one of our most
popular hats for the Fall season. If you’re interested in Monroe make sure
you grab one before she sells out!
“Annabella will make you look good without even trying.
She elevates your jeans + tee shirt to a whole new level.”
The Annabella’s floppy brim is casual + cute without looking like
you're trying too hard.
Additional Tips:
To change your look from day to night, try parting your hair
to the side and sweeping your curls over your shoulder.
It’s an instant “going out” look.
Middle Part
Side Part
Stick to creme styling products when wearing a hat with curly
hair to avoid “crunching” your curls.
Don’t wear a hat with wet hair… just don’t.
Do you have any other tips for our curly hair girls out there?
Comment below! We’d love to hear them.
And make sure you’re following us on Instagram + Facebook
for more tips, tricks, + all things hat-related!

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  • Laura: October 21, 2018

    What? A post about curly hair? My hair is exactly like Naomi’s. I usually have it pulled out of my face or up. It does NOT look cute like Naomi’s. If I wear a hat I pull my hair in a low loose braid.

  • Audrey : October 05, 2018

    When my curls are having a not so great day, I like wearing my Scottie with a low loose side bun.

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