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September 10, 2020 5 min read

How to Match a hat with an Outfit

Did you know that in the 1920's it was scandalous for a woman to leave her house without a hat? Western women of the middle and upper class in the 1920s + 30s were expected to keep the top of their heads hidden whenever going outside, so wearing hats was a must! 

When you first add a hat to your closet it can become very overwhelming. How to wear a hat? Where can you wear it? How can you style it? Does it match? But don't worry! We got you covered. A hat is a fun accessory that will add pizzazz + confidence in your life! The most important thing to remember is just have fun! After reading this blog you will know how to match hat color with clothes in each season! 

A hat can be worn during Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! There are different hats for different seasons. We love styling straw hats in the spring + summer and bennies in the winter! You can also travel, hide a bad hair day and do fun hairstyles with a hat. 

We will share photos of different outfits so you can get inspired, but remember to share your look with us by tagging us on Instagram @gigipip


Matching your outfit to your hat doesn't have to be hard! Get creative + wear what makes YOU feel beautiful! Winter is all about comfort and staying warm. This doesn't mean you have to kiss style goodbye! You can even style-up loungewear with a hat and make it chic! 

The best material of hat to wear in the winter would be wool. The wool will help your head stay warm during freezing winter days. The best colors to style in the winter are browns, black + grey. 

We have various styles of felt hats. Our fedoras + boaters are are some of our favorite styles to wear during the winter! 

Beanie + sweater

beanie and sweater outfit


This is a must go for a cold winter day! Not only will it help you stay warm but it will make you look chic all throughout the frigid winter. A Beanie is a fun accessory that comes in different colors. You can match it to your sweater/ jacket or make your outfit pop with a bright color! 

In The Snow

outfit in the snow with hat

monochromatic look is so perfect for a winter day. Matching your jacket to your hat is a great way to achieve this look. Our favorite hats to match with our jackets all throughout the winter are Monroe, Scottie + Wes! The best colors to achieve this look are grey, black + browns, these 3 colors seriously match with everything! 

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How to Match a Hat with an Outfit: The Ultimate Guide


Spring is a great time to break out your straw hats since you will start to be outdoors more but this does not mean you have to put your felt hats away! Spring is a fun season to experiment with colors, patterns and materials!

Spring is one of the best seasons to try new styles due to the weather changing. You can try something new everyday since the weather ranges from cold to warm! The best colors to wear during the spring are very light neutral colors. Such as our beautiful Monroe- Dusty Pink. 

Jean Jacket + Light color shirt

jean jacket and light shirt

Jean jackets are a serious must in the spring time! You can pair it with your favorite hat + light colored shirt. This is a great go-to look when you don't know how to match hat color with clothes. We absolutely love this look for a sunny spring day! 

Romper/ Jumpsuit 

romper and hat

Jumpsuits + Rompers are awesome because your outfit is half way complete! No need to worry if your pants + shirt match! All you have to do is find your favorite hat + you are ready to go! 

Styled By You

How to Match a Hat with an Outfit: The Ultimate Guide


When summer time hits + you plan your summer get-away, you might wonder how will you wear a sun hat.

There is something about the summer sun that makes us want to wear wide brim hats, such as our beautiful Capri Medium! Not only does it look dreamy with your outfit but it protects you from the sun! Styling a sun hat is so much fun because you get to mix bright colors with the neutral color of the straw! 

The best material of hat to wear during the summer is straws because they are light, breathable + perfect for those hot summer days! We recommend hats that are lighter in color such as off-whites, creams, ivory + light browns. 

We have various sun hat styles you can choose from such as boaters, lifeguard, fedora + even visors! Deciding which hat works best for you is all about what makes you feel confident! 

 Swimsuit + Straw 

swimsuit and straw hat

If one of your favorite summer activities is to be outdoors in the sun tanning, then having a good sun hat is a must! Here are a few of our favorites: Ozzy, Arlo, Isla + Seabreeze. These hats go perfect with bright color bathing suits. 

A summer dress + hat! 

summer dress and hat

Summer dresses are so comfortable + perfect to throw on during a hot summer day! Some of the best summer colors to wear during the summer are pink, white, blue and ofc we can't forget the 2020 trend of tie-dye! 

Long skirt + T-shirt 

long skirt and shirt

This boho inspired look is not complete without a hat! A pattern flowy skirts, with sneakers and a vintage t-shirt has been one of our favorite trends this season and it's moving into the fall too! 

Wearing a sun hat will set you apart and turn a normal outfit into a fun look! Check out where to wear you straw hat! 

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How to Match a Hat with an Outfit: The Ultimate Guide


Felt hats are one of our favorite ways to dress up any fall outfit! They are so versatile and can be a fun way to transition your summer style into fall.

During the fall you are able to pull of various looks such as wearing a fedora, a cap or even beanies! Playing with different styles of brim are great during fall. You can choose from a curled brim like our Monroes or flat brim like our Wrens

Sweater + Lieutenant Cap

sweater and cap

The lieutenant cap is our vintage inspired take on a classic cap style. It is so beautiful + chic and pairs beautiful with an oversized sweater! 

Blazer + Jeans or slacks 

blazer and jeans

This is a great everyday go-to fall look. You can pair your hat with your favorite fall boots/ booties! Throw an oversize blazer and you are ready to go! This outfit is perfect because you can layer it! 

How to Match a Hat with an Outfit: The Ultimate Guide