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May 02, 2018 4 min read

One of our most asked questions here at Gigi Pip is "how do you hang your hats?". That is such a good question, where do you store some of your most prized possessions? Have no fear, we are here to answer all the most frequently asked questions and more. Hat storage is one of our many talents and fields of expertise and we are breaking it down in all it's simplicity in our hat hanging guide.

How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

Photo from @kaekooshop | Dahlia Light Gray

When you make the leap to purchase your first Gigi Pip hat and it finally arrives on your doorstep, you will probably do a little happy dance and wonder how you can hide the evidence before the hubs gets home from work, but these hats aren't made for hiding, not ones this good. Our hats will have you proudly shouting from the rooftops.

How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

We don't blame you if you want to hang them up all over your house and think hanging hats is the best way to display your hats in your home (besides wearing them). Think of your Gigi Pip hats as trophies or mementos you have to display. Think of them as reminders of the many hats you wear in your life both figuratively and literally. Both fashion and decor- something for your head and your house. Just tell your husband it's all part of the process of redecorating and revamping the house. Perfect excuse to buy more hats, right? You can thank us later. 

How Do You Hang Hats On The Wall Without Nails?

Using nails to hang your hats is sometimes an impractical way to display your hats. What else can you use to hang hats? We find the best and most practical way to display and hang your Gigi Pip hat collection is with the help of Commandhooks. We like like using Command Wire Hooks because they tend to be the perfect length to support the hat at the brim but you can experiment with different kinds of hooks to find the best one for hanging your hats. Slap those babies on your wall of choice. Brownie points from your landlord for not putting holes in the wall am I right? If you're really confident about where you want your Gigi Pip hats to call home, a more permanent option for hanging includes a small, simple nail. Easy as pie. Both these methods work well for hanging straw hats, cowboy hats and felt hats. 

Don't worry, we already know your next question, "Where is the best place in the house to hang my girl Dahliaand Scottie?" The possibilities are endless. 

Keep in mind that hats can also hang in closets + smaller spaces! They can brighten and add dimension that helps bring your closet up to speed on your overall interior design aesthetic. Try staggering the spacing of your hats to help them fit in a tighter space or get creative and use a small coat rack and clips to hang hats in your closet. 

How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

On the list of many things we love about our Gigi Pip hats is the effortless, simplicity and trendiness that proves to be the perfect piece of modern decor to accent in your house. Hats aren't just for your head anymore.

Hang them in your office accenting gold and wood decor. Complement your bedroom furniture with greenery and hats galore. Mudrooms and front walkways also make the perfect hat gallery.

Hat Wall Design Inspiration

Part of knowing how to hang hats is knowing how to arrange and design a hat wall that works for your space. Check out some of our favorite hat walls for hat hanging tips, tricks and inspo from all our Gigi Pip babes! You can use these walls as inspiration and find some ideas to borrow as you design the perfect hat wall + decide on the best way to hang your hats.  

Don't forget to show us how you hang your Gigi Pip hats by tagging us @gigipip on Instagram! 

How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

Photo from @soelsister | Dahlia Brown | FayeBre

Use your hats to fill empty space on any wall! Hats look good hanging on any color wall, but tend to look best hanging on a wall painted with a neutral color. The spacing between the hats is up to you - try testing different spacing methods to find a layout you love. Don't forget to use the space below your hats to help make them pop! 

How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

Photo from @laurynsimas | Moe

We think baseball caps hang great on the pegs of a coat rack. Try hanging some other elements from your pegs to add layers to the hat wall design. You could also simplify the idea of a rack and hang your hats using clips and string attached to a hanging dowel.


How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

Photo from @lifemadewithlovebug| Dahlia Black with Black Band| Faye 

What a gorgeous wall of hats, right?! Get creative with how you fill the space below your hat wall. Adding decor like rugs and benches can help blend your hat wall with your overall interior design. Hanging a mirror next to your hats is a common design element in hat walls. It's also pretty practical to have a mirror next to all your hats!  

How to Hang Your Hats the Right Way

Photo from @linenestitch | Faye 

You can also hang your wide brim hats + your straw hats off the hooks of a coat rack. You could hang them right off the brim or you could use some ribbon to have them hang a bit lower. Hanging hats off a rack like this is another practical way to hang hats and makes it easier to add other elements like hanging succulents and purses.



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