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October 13, 2022 5 min read

How to Gift Wrap a Hat for Any Occasion: Here’s What You Need to Know

Seems like it’s “that time of year” pretty much all the time, doesn’t it? At least one person you know is constantly turning a year older or heading to graduation, hosting a housewarming party, or bachelorette bash. Celebrations are happening nonstop +there’s really no better gift for any occasion than a beautiful hat

Gifting a felt fedora hat

How do You Gift Wrap a Hat?

Gift wrapping hats is like wearing heels for the first time - it takes a little trial + error, but once you get the technique down, you can start having fun with it. 

Remember getting a gift that looked like a volleyball, then unwrapping it to see that it was, in fact, a volleyball? It’s exactly what you wanted but the reveal could have been a bit more exciting. Providing the element of surprise is one of the best parts of the gift wrapping process, especially when it comes to disguising the unmistakable shape of a hat. 

You may have gotten a gift one year for your birthday, or at a Dirty Santa party, that was wrapped in a box, then another, + another till finally, you get down to the actual gift. That’s one way to surprise someone, but it’s not the only way! 

Bags! They’re easy, cute, + effective when it comes to hiding the shape + size of a gift. With the right tissue paper, you can hide pretty much anything in a good gift bag. 

How do You Wrap a Gift Without a Box?

Beanies easy to gift wrap

Think outside of the box… there are plenty of other ways to present a gift that’s pretty as a picture if you have other things like bags + wrapping paper lying around. 

Love a theme? Yeah, we have that in common… gift wrapping at its finest takes a keen design eye + good taste. Stick with themes seen in colors + patterns, make sure they work together. Hints are fun when you’regifting a beautiful Ezra Western Hat, find a vintage ranch-style wrapping paper or bag to get them thinking about what might be inside. 

Create a color scheme + go from there. This is especially helpful when you have a bunch of components going into wrapping your gift, like a bag, tissue paper, + a card. It’s also the way to go when you’re gifting ahat with accessories like bands or feathers. 

Wrap your main gift in a solid, + dress up your other accessory gifts in stripes, polka-dots, or any other pattern you like.  Gifts also look really cute when they match, but add a twist - wrap each gift with the same color or pattern, then get creative with strings, ribbons, + bows. 

How do You Package a Cap?

Cap easy to package

https://flodenver.com/video-tiktok-gift-wrapping-hack-for-wrapping-a-hat/ — highly recommend watching this - it’s so creative, super simple, + seems like it takes basically no time at all - who doesn’t love that, right? 

Here’s a play-by-play in case you didn’t catch it…

First, put on “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice to get in the mood for gift wrapping. Then, cut out your wrapping paper so it’s big enough for the cap you have, fold each side in + tape together in the middle. Roll the bottom up, neatly, three times + tape to secure…

Put the hat inside. Lastly, roll the top down three times to enclose the hat inside + you’re golden! Now you have a handmade, cute package that will keep the gift a surprise till the end. 

How do I Send a Cap in the Post?

Send a cap in the post

When you’re picking a box for your hat make sure it’s capsized… you want to save your hat from drowning in all the wide-open space. 

If the box is bigger than it needs to be, your cap will move around too much, then sending yourhat on a trip could be damaging. Follow these steps to send your cap in the post safely:

  • Fold in the part that fits onto your head so it looks like a half-moon. 
  • Wrap the hat in tissue paper so it doesn’t adopt any debris that might get into the box.
  • Put your wrapped cap into a box that’s only slightly larger than the cap. 
  • Add any earth-friendly padding for extra protection.
  • Now you’re ready to ship your cap off!

How do You Ship a Hat Without a Box?

Keepsake bag to protect hat

Protecting the hat is key, but you don’t necessarily need a box to do that. You can easily find packaging products that are big enough for what you need. Remember to look for padded envelopes, you want your hat to have a smooth ride on its way over to your loved one, so grab mailers that have extra protection. 

Keepsake bags are great for protecting your hat. They’re also an accessory that your loved one will adore. Keepsake bags block dust particles from clinging to the surface of your hat + they’re extra useful when shipping a hat. Simply place your hat inside, then sinch up the drawstring, put your hat with the keepsake bag inside of your padded mailer + you’re good to go! 

How do You Ship a Hat in a Poly Mailer?

Send hat in poly mailer

Plastic has been canceled for a while now - you want to use a mailer that is biodegradable, compostable, or recyclable. Oftentimes, these types of mailers can be used more than once, they’re typically made with an additional seal strip so your loved one can use it for the next package they send someone. It’s like you’re giving your loved one an additional gift when you use earth-friendly packaging.

Just because it’s made of recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable material doesn’t mean it can’t look super cute! Here are some ethical packaging brands worth using to ship a hat…

    • Hero Packaging: okay, this company is seriously impressive, theirpackaging is compostable! These mailers are made using almost entirely plant-based materials. They come in all different sizes + you can opt for bubble packaging, which is great for hats. 
    • No Issue: love it here. This place makes biodegradable padded mailers + they make sure to have two adhesive strips on every mailer so they can be used an additional time. Plus, they have thecutest customizable eco-friendly packaging.  
  • Eco Enclose: you can find all the packaging things you could ever want here, + the best part is that they’re all made from 100% recyclable materials. You can get recycled tissue paper, shipping labels, + packaging paper. Eco Enclose also has recycled ornament shred + corrugate bubble wrap.

    Gift a wool felt hat

    Whether you’re buying your wrapping + shipping supplies, or making them yourself at home, gift-wrapping can be so much fun - it just takes a bit of practice. Hats are only slightly challenging to wrap if you don’t have a box, but now you know a few hacks to help you wrap a hat to look sophisticated + unexpected, aren’t those the most exciting gifts to get? xx