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May 13, 2017 2 min read

kelli murray
hat: 'Bre' by Gigi Pip
We are so thrilled to have Kelli as part of our Mother's Day series! We ADORE her + sweet family! Kelli is the illustrator + founder of Rylee + Cru --- hello, cutest kids clothes evaaaaaaa!! I'll take one of each please.
kelli murray
Kelli is T A L E N T E D ! She deserves every ounce of success she has had. The hard work + passion she puts into everything she does is truly admirable. Hats off to you Kelli + all you do! Make sure to follow this darling mama! 
What is your very favorite part of motherhood?
Watching my kids grow up and seeing there little personalities develop.  I love discovering who they are and the things that make them unique.  They live with so much joy and wonder and are constantly reminding me to enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful life.

What is the most used phrase you say to your children?
my son - 2 -  "no, no"
my daughter - 5 -  "practice your patience"

What is your best advice for fellow mother's?
follow your instincts and give yourself a little grace along the way.

Is there anyone that has inspired you to be the mother you are today?
Definitely my own mom.  To this day, she is the most encouraging and uplifting person in my life.  I've always felt supported and loved by her.  I want my kids to feel the same from me.

Tell us about 1 "hat" that you love to wear and 1 "hat" that you don't love to wear.
I love to be the person that comforts them when they are sad and encourages them when they are scared.  I don't love the domestic side of motherhood so much - endless laundry / dishes, picking up 105 toy trucks per day, discovering fishy crackers under my pillow....you know, that kind of stuff.  But I suppose I'll probably miss that too one day.

What has been your greatest struggle as a mother?
My greatest struggle thus far has probably been juggling my career and motherhood at the same time.  It's something I think I will always struggle with until my kids are grown, but I like to think I've gotten a little better at setting boundaries and prioritizing my time over the years.  It's definitely still a work in progress.