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February 16, 2023 3 min read

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop In-Store


1. 1x1 Hat Expert Advice

2. What is Band Bar?

3. Real Time Try Ons + Experience

4. In-Store Exclusives

5. Two Roads + Gigi Pip on the Shelves

There’s nothing like unboxing that new hat delivery for the first time, except for when you actually try her on in person + then get to take her home with you right then + there! The Gigi Pip in-store shopping experience is unlike any other + if you haven’t done so already, we (highly) encourage you to stop by. Here are 5 reasons why you should make your next hat purchase anexperience!


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1. Shop 1x1 with Your Personal Hat Expert

If you have questions, we’re prepared with the answers to help you feel confident in every hat that you wear. (that’s a challenge!) Our Hat Experts are eagerly standing by to help you find your next hat. Whether you’re looking for a very specific style or need advice on where to start, you can feel confident that you’re in the right place to find what you’re looking for with the assistance of someone who cares. 

+ TIP: Chat Hat Care with your Hat Expert! No need to shy away from lighter colored felts + natural colored straw hats. Our Hat Experts will give you guidance on how to care specifically for your new hat before you take her home.

2. What is Band Bar?

An in-store exclusive experience, our Band Bar is equipped with bands, beads, pins, feathers + hat accessories that you have creative freedom over implementing into your look! This is where we can get inventive with the hats we wear + we must say, this is the way to do it. There are no rules to dressing up your hat – big, bold + layered or classic + dainty, we’ve got accessories for all of your personality types. Work with a hat expert to create a custom trim for $25 + choose add-on accessories ranging from $3 - $20. Think of the Band Bar as your playground + let’s make some hat-magic happen!


3. Real Time Try-Ons + Experience

Online shopping for your next hat may be convenient, but have you ever come in +held one before? The moment you walk into one of our retail stores, we know the hats will start speaking to you. We encourage you to slow down + take your time with the hats as you look around. Pick one up, try it on + you may be surprised by what you fancy! Browse an array of different styles, colors, sizes + hat accessories with our readily available hat experts + trim your brim at our infamous Band Bar to get the perfect look in real time. Stop by + stay a while! Though we must warn you – once you try the first hat on, you’ll find yourself confidently wearing (+ walking out with) the entire store. See you soon!



4. In-Store Exclusives

+  Is your next hat out of stock online? Stop by the retail store – we may have your style + size right there waiting for you on our shelves.

+ Our Band Bar is not only an in-person experience but also carries bands + add-ons that may not be available to purchase online. Take your unique look a step further with our in-store stash!

+ Our retail stores also offer exclusive promotions, sales + events that you can’t get online. Sign up for retail specific email alerts HERE to be the first to know.


    5. Two Roads + Gigi Pip

    Gigi Pip is inspired by the many hats that women wear in our everyday lives. Two Roads is our brother company, providing hats for men + inspired by the road less traveled. Our retail stores are equipped with both Gigi Pip hats + Two Roads hats so you can shop for both in one place! Opportunities are endless here, with both brands readily available to you. Shop for his + hers or explore the men’s line for yourself. It’s not uncommon for a Two Roads hat to be the winner for a women + vice versa. There are no rules on which hats you look great + feel confident in.

    So this is your sign to get into your car + come on over. See you soon! xx

    Find your nearest Gigi Pip retail location HERE!