3 Different Ways to Style Baseball Caps For Women

Posted on July 26 2017

3 Different Ways to Style Baseball Caps For Women by womens hats shop Gigi Pip

HAT: Laci Taupe by Gigi Pip

Hey y'all!  I am Julia Grace! Lover of travel, coffee, essentials oils, fashion, and creating content for YOU on my blog and YouTube channel. I am going to be showing you three different styles that I put together for the Laci baseball cap. Hats are one of the best accessories because you can wear one with any outfit, anytime, anywhere. Gigi Pip makes that easy for us with all their endless styles and options! One style of hats I find myself wearing the most are baseball caps for women. They just go with everything and look cute and effortless all at once. And ladies, we all know that baseball caps help us out on our second or third day hair! I hope you read this and feel inspired to go create a new look with one of your baseball caps for women hanging in your closet or in your Gigi Pip shopping cart! ;)

3 Different Ways to Style Baseball Caps For Women by womens hats shop Gigi Pip

I call the first look the "sporty, weekend look." What I love about baseball caps for women is that you can always make it work with the look you are going for, whether that is a sporty, athleisure look or a casual errands look. For this look I kept my hair down and I loved how the hat fit with my hair. You know how some baseball caps just don't fit right and make your head look weird, yeah, well, not this one. LOVE! The perfect fit. I went for the denim on denim look for this outfit and it’s always tricky picking out denim that goes together well. I think picking a lighter and darker denim is the best way to go! I added my “weekend vibes” graphic tee and I was good to go!

3 Different Ways to Style Baseball Caps For Women by womens hats shop Gigi Pip

The second look I kept my hair down and wore a knit sweater with a fun leather jacket and booties for an edgier look. The black jacket and jeans gives the look a more chic, edgy feel while the taupe baseball cap keeps it still casual. I had fun with creating this look! The taupe color adds some personality to your outfit too. I love how it makes the look more unique and different than just wearing a black hat. Don't get me wrong, black is always great, but it's fun to add another neutral into your outfit. I picked this color because I remember the model on the website had a similar hair color to mine, and I loved the way it looked on her!

3 Different Ways to Style Baseball Caps For Women by womens hats shop Gigi Pip

The third look is the perfect look to run errands in or grab coffee with your friend. This looks allows me to feel casual but also chic and put together when I have a lot of things on my to do list! I think this look describes my style perfectly. I love to be comfortable while looking cute and casual at the same time, I mean, who doesn't?! ;) I paired the baseball cap with a fun striped shirt and a comfy sweater with ripped jeans and of course, my high top converse. I live in my high tops! They are my go-to pair of shoes and they go with pretty much everything! Also, chokers are another thing I'm digging right now. How cute are these gold ones?! I am so happy with how the looks turned out and how the hat fit each look. Let me know what your favorite look was and what your go-to Gigi Pip baseball cap for women is!

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  • Marsh: September 20, 2017

    Love your hats..have you thought about putting a chin strap on one of the med. brimmed hats for convertible owners? I usually wear a visor but too much sun on the top of my head gives me a headache. I found a very expensive cowboy hat with an adjustable chin strap on it which keeps the hat on my head going down the road. Baseball caps just don’t work for me. I wonder if you could add a strap to your marsha hat or other med. brimmed hat. There are a lot of convertible owners out here and I have talked with a lot of women about this problem. Might be a project for you to work on! Thanks for listening. Marsh

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