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Cove - Natural BLEMISHED

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This is apart of our BLEMISHED collection. ALL SALES FINAL

Blemished could include any of the below:

  • Missing pins
  • Slightly torn liners
  • Small dents or craters
  • Small stains, marks, or scuffs 
  • Makeup on the sweatband

- - 2022 Best Seller! - -

Cove is a hand-crafted fedora that breathes class + sophistication. This classic wide-brim hat is hand woven in Mexico with fine Guatemalan palm straw. A tight, even weave gives Cove its beauty + ensures it will hold its shape for seasons to come. Cove is the hat you’ll want to be seen in. 

Style - Flat Brim Fedora

Dimensions - Crown: 11 cm Brim: 9.5 cm

Material - Guatemalan Palm

Style this handmade hat with fabric, leather, + rope bands for a personalized touch. 

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