Why We're Increasing Prices

Why are you raising prices?

Listed below are a few reasons why we have increased our prices as of August 1, 2019. While the costs of materials, shipping rates, and the general costs of doing business have increased year over year, we are extremely proud of that fact that Gigi Pip has not increased prices since opening the doors several years ago. 

This price adjustment will allow us to continue to use the highest quality materials, warehouse larger amounts of inventory to prevent out-of-stock items, provide affordable shipping rates and overall allow us to give you the quality service you've come to expect from Gigi Pip. Here's more details about the cost of manufacturing: 

  • Cost of materials: The cost of wool, leather, and the various materials has increased since we started Gigi Pip. Our goal is to never compromise the quality you’ll receive from us which results in an increase in prices as the cost of materials increase. We’ve done our best to absorb the cost as much as possible but there still may be a small increase in prices as a result. 
  • Increased Tariffs: Gigi Pip hats are sourced and manufactured globally. With the increase of tariffs across the US you’ll notice an increase in prices among retailers everywhere. 
This growth of the company plus our unwavering standards mean an overall price increase.
Thanks again for your understanding and we can’t wait to show you this new phase of Gigi Pip. 

What does increasing prices mean for Gigi Pip? 

Our prices will reflect the overall experience and quality you’ll receive as a Gigi Pip customer. We have set high standards for the quality of our hats and we want to maintain that for the hats we launch in the future. Moving forward you’ll see brand new items, a seamless Customer Experience, as well as overall improvement as a brand. 

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