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Women's Felt Hats

Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to avoid getting moisture on your women’s felt hats as they tend to change shape as they dry. If your hat does get wet, hang it to dry rather than laying it flat.

Felt hats can be made of wool, animal furs, or various human-made fabrics condensed, compressed, and woven together. Our women’s felt hats are made of 100% Australian wool.

For women with a hat size of 55cm to 57cm, we recommend a S/M (small to medium) hat. If your hat size is 57cm to 59cm, a M/L (medium to large) will probably be the best option. Our felt hats also come in Kids (51cm to 53cm), XS (53cm to 55cm), and XL (59cm to 61cm) sizes. However, our felt hats for women include an adjustable sweatband, and we offer size tape, in case you need to adjust how your hat fits.

When can you wear a felt hat?