February 03, 2021 2 min read

Valentine's Day | At-Home Edition

The sweetest holiday may look a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less sweet than years past. It’s easy to make this Valentine’s Day memorable + fun, even with the current restrictions and limited activities.

This fall we created a charcuterie board for our friends + we want to help you make a Valentine's version. A charcuterie board is a delicious but simple dinner/appetizer whether you’re spending February 14th with your Valentine or 'Galentine'. Throw on your best loungewear, favorite Gigi Pip beanie/cap + use our charcuterie board checklist to create a magical night with your loved one.

Orange Gigi Pip hat and Valentines picnic spread


BOARD | Larger ceramic platter, wood board/ cutting board
DISHES | A few small bowls + dishes for dip
UTENSILS | Cheese knives + spoons for dips


CHEESES | 2-3 kinds of cheese [one soft, one hard + one creamy]
MEAT | 2 different kinds
FRUITS + VEGGIES | Handful of fruits/veggies [berries, citrus, bell peppers, tomatoes, etc.]
CRACKERS | Crackers of choice [crisps, crackers, or sliced baguette]
NUTS | 1-2 of your favorite nuts [a handful]
DIP | 1 dip [smoked salmon, spinach artichoke, or hummus]
SWEET TREATS | Two of your favorite treats [gummies, cookies, etc.]
CHOCOLATE | 1 chocolate bar/ chocolate treat
BEVERAGES | Drink of choice [lemonade, sparkling water, wine, etc.]


FLOWERS | Arrange your favorite flowers in a vase [roses, baby's-breath, lilies, etc.]
CANDLES | Light your candle + breathe-in the aroma
BLANKETS + PILLOWS | Grab your coziest blankets/ pillows + get comfy

Scenic Charcuterie Board

Re-Create Our Charcuterie Board

We bought everything for our charcuterie board from our local Trader Joe’s but most grocery stores will have everything you need [or similar options] to create this tasty board.

CHEESES | Mozzarella, Cheddar + Brie
MEAT | Calabrese, Salame + Prosciutto
FRUITS | Red Grapes, Green Grapes, A Green Apple + Dried Apricots
CRACKERS | Fig/Olive Crisps
NUTS | Almonds + Macadamia Nuts
SPREADS/ DIPS | Dijon Mustard + Spinach and Artichoke Dip
SWEET TREAT | Meringue Cookies

Gigi Pip Valentine picnic spread

After you’ve created your charcuterie board to your liking, it’s time to enjoy! While you snack -- turn on your favorite movie, challenge each other in a game of cards, channel your inner Bob Ross with some painting, dance around the living room, etc.

However, you add your personal touches to your charcuterie board, and whatever activity you choose to do while enjoying your creation -- we hope you are present + fully take in the quality time with your loved one. xx

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