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June 14, 2019 2 min read

The weather is getting hotter + that means ROAD TRIPS!

Trying to decide which hat to bring on your next roadie? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick guide to figure out which hat to bring along on your next adventure!

The Best Hat for Your Next Road Trip

Wes | @tomxtravels

Limited Space

Having to be mindful of the space you have left in your backpack, suitcase, or vehicle can prove to be a struggle on what to bring with you. That’s why having CRUSHABLE hats in your collection are perfect for your roadies! They can be smashed, crunched, or accidentally sat on + still return to their original shape!

James has a thin profile that allows him to become flatter than a tortilla shell. Our James cap adds a unique touch to your comfy travel clothes!

James | @_sandy_feet_

James | @_sandy_feet_


Chin Straps

Not just for the marching band! Having a hat with a string will keep your hat safe in windy places + allow for easy carrying when you aren’t wearing it!

Eden is a great option that provides great sun coverage + will stay put! However, she is part of a limited edition! A more permanent option is our Hallie! She is super travel friendly + is very flexible allowing her to be crushed!

Eden | @katherineelaine_

Eden | @katherinelaine_


Adventure Ready

You know those hats that just scream adventure? Felt fedoras are extremely popular to bring along on trips + are ready for anything! Leo is a classic that should be a part of your trip to the mountains + daily wardrobe!

Our Emma is one of the most Instagram worthy hats out there. She’s perfect for those days where you don’t want to do your hair, but still want to conquer the world!

Emma | @samanthacaldphoto

Emma | @samanthacaldphoto



Travel Essential

Everyone has those things they bring on EVERY road trip ---- reusable water bottle, snacks, + a ball cap! They are the easiest to pack, cover up a bad hair day, + provides a simple way to change up your outfit! A couple of our favorites are Jojo + Roxy!

Jojo | @honey_caleb

Jojo | @honey_caleb

Amy | @brittaneypeterson

Amy | @brittaneypeterson

Pro Tips

  • If your hat becomes TOO crushed, you can take it into the bathroom when you take a hot shower to steam it out
  • Let it sit in your hot car + use the heat of your car to reshape it
  • Be confident in who you are + rock what YOU like!


Want to check out more options? Check out our felt hats!

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