Practicing #SelfLove for Valentine's Day

Posted on February 11 2019

You are beautiful, wonderful, strong, powerful, + loved. And it's about time you started treating yourself that way!



Self Love isn't selfish. It's a way to celebrate the way you were created. It's being thankful for where you are, who you are, and where you're going. It's acknowledging that you are a masterpiece + work in progress at the same time. You owe it to those watching you (like your spouse, kids, friends) to inspire them to be loving + to start with yourself.


Here are a few affirmations + activities to inspire you to love yourself:

1. Read an inspiring book. "Inspiring" means different things to everyone. But whether it's a book about exotic travels or how to be more productive, set some time aside to indulge in a reading session. 
2. Watch what YOU want to watch on Netflix + grab your fav dessert. Moms, we're talking to you. Put the kids to bed early + turn off Baby Shark. Tonight is Mommy's choice.
3. Take a class. Yoga, flower arranging, calligraphy, kick boxing  - - - sign up for that class + maybe you'll find your new fav hobby!
4. Exercise. Your body is a temple + sometimes it needs a little spring cleaning. Go for a jog or take a fun spin class with your girls. Some doctor somewhere said physical activity releases happiness endorphins or something, right? Either way, an active body is a happy one!
 5. Get a new outfit. It's not just about the clothes, but it represents "putting on a new hat". A new attitude, a new outlook, new hat. Determine that this new hat is a new you.
Affirmation 1. "I will love myself today because I want to teach my children how to value themselves."
Affirmation 2. "I love myself today because I choose to forgive those who have hurt me in the past + let go of what holds me back."
Affirmation 3. "I love myself today because I am loved... by my family, friends, coworkers. And they would want me to treat myself better."
Affirmation 4. "I love myself because I was given a new day to love others."
Affirmation 5. "I love myself so I can properly love others." 



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