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This is Brooke: a traveler, student, + artist. This is her story about how she wears the Hat-itude of Gratitude.

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Do you wear the Hat of Gratitude?

It’s officially November! The month full of warm drinks, endless comfort food, and of course, gratitude. The holidays are my favorite time, because they bring about something so special. I love seeing everyone in such a giving spirit, eager to spend time with their families, and make others happy. I wish it was like that all the time! One thing I especially love is when people express what they’re grateful for. It always sparks gratitude within myself. You’re grateful for your family? I would do anything for mine too! You’re grateful for your job? I also feel blessed to be able to work where I do. You’re grateful for your dog? Believe me, I’m grateful for all of the adorable pictures you post of your fur-baby. But every November, I also think “why don’t I express gratitude more often?”

If you’re anything like me, you need reminders in your life! I need a planner to remind myself of important dates, alarms on my phone to remind me of due-dates for my school assignments, and I even wear a necklace to remind myself of my power as a woman. My Gigi Pip hat is my reminder to be grateful more often; My “hat-itude of gratitude” if you will.

I want to always wear my hat of gratitude- literally and figuratively.

 I once heard somewhere, that people who express gratitude more often are happier. I feel like that rumor has to be true! We all have so much to be grateful for, so I imagine that means we have lots of room for happiness in our lives as well.

Last year my husband and I took off to travel around Africa for four months, managing to experience seven different countries there.

Africa will always hold such a special place in my heart! Something I especially loved about it was the people. Their kindness, their sense of humor, and definitely their gratitude. Many of the people that I met didn’t have a lot and experienced many hardships, but still found SO many things to be happy about and grateful for. A lot of people would say “doesn’t that make you so grateful to live where you do?” Well, yes, I am of course grateful to live where I do. I have been so blessed throughout my life! But in those moments, I was so grateful to be there with my friends in places like Sierra Leone and Ghana. I was grateful for their example and the things they helped me experience. They put “gratitude” into a whole new light for me.
monroe gray

Now I’m home, and am back in a schedule trying to balance family, school, artwork, and a social life.

Although things can get stressful, and I catch myself getting caught up in the craziness of everything, I’m so grateful for it all. I’m grateful to go to school (even though homework seems never-ending sometimes). I’m grateful to be an artist and to find joy in creating. And I’m so grateful for a loving husband with a desire to travel, give to others, and to live a full life. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you! I’m sure you can think of lists of things that you’re grateful for as well.

So this November (and every month following)

Gigi Pip invites you to always remember to wear your “hat of gratitude.”

Have questions about our hats? See our blog post of Gigi Pip FAQ's!

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