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November 16, 2020 2 min read

gigi pip x cara loren hat


Collaborating with inspiring women to create signature hats has been a goal of ours for a long time, but when Ginger and Cara’s boys ended up friends at the same school, we got so excited about the possibilities. Having Cara VanBrocklin, fashion blogger, business(es) owner, mom, (the list goes on) as our first collaboration hat is a dream come true. Cara has beautifully worn her Gigi Pip brims for years, plus she’s a woman who embraces all the hats she wears so gracefully, so the partnership made total sense. 


cara loren hat


Cara’s sophisticated, fashion forward style is loved by so many and she kept her followers in mind while designing this fedora. She knew she wanted something fashionable, but wearable, something that first time hat buyers and seasoned brim wearers would love. Cara wanted to keep the colors earthy, natural and calming to reflect her love of neutrals. There are a few details of the Wes that Cara loves; the style and height of the crown and the rolled edge brim. As well as the brim length of the Emma, and the way the Monroe’s brim curls up. We worked to create a unique hat that combined her favorite elements of these hats, plus the pencil roll brim, a brand new feature for us.  The resulting fedora style has a wide, pencil roll brim with a rolled edge. Add in a  branded CL | GP gold pin and exclusive tan inner liner and sweatband and the signature Cara Loren hat was perfected. 

One of Cara’s biggest must-haves was a hat that could be dressed up or down. She wanted to accomplish this with a removable hat band to add on or take away depending on the style you’re channeling that day. The CL hat bands bring in a “Western, chill” vibe to the hat with  unique bolo or wrap style closures. 

cara loren hat plan

We’re so in love with the Cara Loren signature line-even more so for what it represents. We wholeheartedly believe something magical happens when women come together to create and are so excited to get these hats into your hands!

cara loren brown hat