November 26, 2015 1 min read

Woman. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Friend. Teacher. Artist. Accountant. Entrepreneur. Designer. PB&J Maker. PB&J Eater. Doctor. Therapist. Nurse. Shopper. Chauffeur. Photographer. Lawyer. Bossbabe. Writer. Grandma Lover. Dreamer. Go-getter. Fighter. Goal Reacher. Hustler. Fingernail trimmer. Believer.  


We believe in you. And we believe that these are the hats for the woman who can do anything. (And does a little bit of everything.)

We know you can wear any hat. Because you already do. Think of the good you do. Everyday. To your friends. Children. Neighbors. Loved ones. You are a woman who can be proud of whatever you do. Because you wear so many hats so well. You are awesome. Let your hair down, put your hat on. Put it on with pride. With joy. With confidence. Because you wear so many hats already. We know you can do anything that comes your way. Because you are a student. Chef. Firefighter. Story reader. Dancer. Helper. And THIS hat is for YOU. WE are all for you! Because you are a hat-wearing, go getting, dream chasing woman! 




photography: Sami Jo Photography

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